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Today I come to talk about the herbs that They can never miss in your home, all because of a lot of uses that you can give them and obviously the medicinal properties that have the same, but not only will they serve you to relieve pain and discomfort, but also your garden will have a great appearance and aromas that will certainly cure any ailment.

They're herbs. do not require many care, whether your harvest, sowing and maintenance are very simple, in this list you will find herbs as common as garlic, a grass that can't miss any homeFor all the uses you can give to this medicinal herb.

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Best you can do is start a crop with the most common herbs you can find in your area, taking into account the climate of the place where you live for ensure the life of herbs.

You're also gonna need a where you can sow themfor this you can use a pot, a drawer, a box, etc. After sowing the medicinal herb in the pot you should look for a place with abundant clarity so that the rays of the sunhelp the grass grow and we can extract it, to be able to consume it.

The 10 herbs that can't be missing in your home

  1. Áloe vera:

You can also meet her with the name of Sábila, this is a silver you will find in many parts, the aloe vera is very good for refresh and scarring, this plant is currently used to manufacture many cosmetics, as it serves to treat skin problems, also to whiten the teeth and delete any brand.

  1. Garlic:

This plant belongs to the family Allium, it will not be very difficult to find as this plant grows in many parts of the world, among its medicinal benefits, it contains a lot of antioxidants, if you consume it in the right amount you can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, so it is a plant that we recommend to have in your home.

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  1. Manzanilla:

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This herb comes from Europe, East and India, this plant is used to make tea, which has many medicinal benefits, among the traces you can find, streamlines the elimination of intestinal gases.

It's a magnificent relaxing, all this is due to their properties antibacterial, this herb is used to treat is cold, with the handle many ointments are manufactured which are very effective for eccemas, swollen skinetc.

  1. Romero:

This herb has its origin in Mediterranean, rosemary is an herb that is indispensable in a kitchen, used to treat stomach weeds, also used to improve hair quality and combat overweight. The rosemary It's a grass. grows in almost everywhere and it's very easy to sow, so we recommend you to start your herbal with a rosemary plant.

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  1. Menta:

This herb is known worldwide, thanks to all the functions you can give to this grass, you can use it for the digestive ills, many cosmetics contain this herb thanks to all its refreshing properties, lately they use it to treat asthma, you can also treat headache and relieve nausea, so this plant Can't miss home.

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  1. Laundry:

This herb is characterized by its properties calmIt is also a plant that will give you more life to your garden, being the purple color that makes it stand out, you can also extract your oil that uses it to massage, is also a aromatizing totally natural.

  1. Arnica:

It is also known with the name of sneezing or mountain tobacco, this herb is used to make creams or oils that can be used to relieve muscle pains, detention, twists and bruises, this plant is originating in Europe.

  1. Ortiga:

This herb will make you familiar, as it is one of the most used to cook for the excellent flavor that can give your food, but besides giving a good taste to food, also has medicinal properties, is rich in minerals and stimulates the circulatory system.

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  1. Dandelion:

This herb is Globally recognized for its healing properties and the beauty that has this herb, the lion tooth is used to strengthen the bones and control patients who have diabetesIt will also be a grass that will surely stand out in your garden.

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  1. Calendula:

This is one of the most popular, due to its versatility, it is said that this herb is able to elevate you the mood, is used as an antiflammatory that ensures that it is one of the most effective, so it is used for make pomade.

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10 Medicinal herbs easy to get






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