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  10 nail trends 2021

10 trends of some 2021

don’t miss it 10 nail trends which will mark 2021. There is no doubt that the hands will be one of the great protagonists of the year and we want you to be aware of what the colors and designs that they will take

10 essential nail trends for 2021

A manicure is a perfect way to add personality add to your style. A dusty pink or classic red will always go well, but why not try something a little bolder for your next manicure? From subtle and elegant details to fantastic designs, there is something for everyone with the nail trends from this season 2021because life is too short for boring nails

10 nail trends 2021

1. Earth Tone Nail Polish

If there is a range that will take the 2021 is that of the earth tones, earthy nudes, Chocolates and coffee colors. The colour Chestnut is one of the least popular in the palette, as we know. But this year, many beautiful shades have come into fashion that will make you see this range with different eyes, in addition to being incredibly flattering and understated. bet on a permanent manicure in earth tones for this summer.

earth tone nail polish trendNail polish Paris from Nailistas.com and One step Nailistas 124

2. Short nails

are taxed short natural nails About the long ones, although there are still celebrities who opt for fancy long nails, we all know they do it because they can afford it and because they don’t have to wash the dishes 10 nail trends 2021


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