50 million positive impacts by 2030, Herbalife Nutrition challenge





The Global Responsibility Report shows the more than 3.8 million positive impacts achieved by Herbalife Nutrition in 2020. By 2030, the year the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, a challenge has been made: to achieve 50 million positive impacts on social, environmental and philanthropic issues

Herbalife Nutrition, the multinational specializing in nutrition and healthy lifestyle is committed, through various initiatives, to delivering a more sustainable future to the next generations. Its first Global Responsibility Report, published in October last year, notes this. In addition to the more than 3.8 million positive impacts achieved in 2020, this document points to future projects and forecasts, with the goal of 2030, the year in which the multinational celebrates its 50th anniversary and for which they hope to create 50 million beneficial actions for the progress and sustainable growth of communities around the world.


The road already done
For more than 40 years, Herbalife Nutrition has focused on improving communities and puts its full commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner, which implies constant support for social, environmental and philanthropic initiatives that produce significant and measurable results to nourish people and the planet. Improve the nutrition of people with science-supported products and provide economic opportunities through their direct selling business model are just a few examples.

“Given the experience and global reach of our company, our corporate social responsibility initiatives take advantage of these strengths to improve communities in three significant areas: allow greater access to nutrition, increase access to economic opportunities and strengthen environmental management,” explains Tara López, Managing Director of Herbalife Nutrition Spain.

Only in 2020, Herbalife Nutrition reached more than 3.8 million positive impacts worldwide. In Spain, the company helped the NGO SOS Aldeas Infantiles, through the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF), to provide nutritional support to 261 children and to attend to 10,846 others in all their country programs.

At the global level, more than 975,000 meals and food aid boxes have been donated to families and communities, more than 766,000 kilos and other materials have been recycled and more than 367,000 beneficiaries have been reached through non-profit associations.

The way to go
The 2020 report focuses on the fundamental principles of Herbalife Nutrition to feed healthy communities, feed economic opportunities and feed a prosperous planet. To further focus its impact on communities, economic opportunities and the planet, the document includes Herbalife Nutrition's commitment to creating 50 million positive impacts by 2030, the company's 50th anniversary. Some initiatives such as:

- Addressing global food equity: Through the Zero Hunger Nutrition initiative, the company is committed to ending hunger and food insecurity, eradicating inequalities in nutrition, health and hunger in communities around the world, providing critical resources and nutritional experience through global non-profit partners, or collaborating with major global organizations such as World Food Program USA, Feed the Children and The Hunger Project, among others. Todo sobre toldos

- Enhancing the business spirit: The company's experience in supporting independent distributors around the world can be applied to support programs in Spain by providing a significant economic opportunity for people who want to earn or supplement their income through their direct selling business model; and taking advantage of their experience and support to organizations that have programs around the world to advance in the economic empowerment of underrepresented communities and promote the business spirit.

- Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion: As a global company operating in more than 90 countries, the company recognizes diversity as a strong point. Spain will ensure that the place of work improves diversity, equity and inclusion by providing employees with a place where they can grow and thrive, enabling them to better serve the company's distributors, stakeholders and communities around the world. In addition, it will create opportunities for the diversity of talent at all levels and encourage membership by ensuring that diversity is represented in all internal and external communications and materials.

- To reach vulnerable minority communities: In 2020, the company, together with HNF, supported more than a dozen organizations, such as Chrysalis or SOS Villages Infantiles, among others, to meet the needs of various global, regional and local communities. In addition to financial donations, the company supports various programs by providing nutrition, health and mentoring resources; advocating for human rights, gender equity and promotion; and donating nutrient-rich products.

- Establish objectives to strengthen environmental management: Herbalife Nutrition is dedicated to working in all its operations and supply chain to reduce and eliminate negative environmental impacts, with an emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable packaging. In this regard, the company has marked ambitious objectives such as achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 in the factories, warehouses and offices of the company worldwide; using 25% post-consumption resin (PCR) in the packaging of its product Formula 1 worldwide during the next two years in the markets in which it is allowed; reducing the use of plastics and eliminating wastes wherever possible, including the total amount of one million-dollar distributions.

SDG support
To ensure the greatest possible impact of its social responsibility initiatives, the company has aligned its global responsibility objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, Herbalife Nutrition adheres to 5 of them: End of Poverty, Zero Hunger, Health and Wellness, Production and Responsible Consumers, Climate Action.

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50 million positive impacts by 2030, Herbalife Nutrition challenge

50 million positive impacts by 2030, Herbalife Nutrition challenge

The Global Responsibility Report shows the more than 3.8 million positive impacts achieved by Herbalife Nutrition in 2020. By 2030, the year the company celebr






50 million positive impacts by 2030, Herbalife Nutrition challenge
50 million positive impacts by 2030, Herbalife Nutrition challenge

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