7 DIY Facial Spray Recipes to Make in Your Kitchen

How to Use Face Mist in Your Daily Beauty RoutineApplication7 Homemade Facial Spray Recipes with Simple Ingredients1. Balancing Face Mist2. Sensitive Floral Facial Spray3. Toning Facial Spray4. Revitalizing Rosewater Face Mist5. Orange Blossom Cooling Facial Spray6. Green Tea Face Mist7. Anti-Aging Facial MistFinal Thoughts and Recommendations




7 diy facial spray recipes to make in your kitchen 1

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Do you want flawless skin?

A diy facial spray is the most effective way to boost your skin’s health. Mist your face when your skin needs hydration or you start to feel gross from sweating. Because they’re non-greasy, they also don’t affect your makeup. You can use them as a face toner, makeup setting spray, or facial oil and moisturizer in a pinch.

Any homemade facial spray is easy to customize to your skin or needs, making it simple to whip up whenever you want. Keep a recipe for exercising outside during the summer and another for moisturizing your dry winter skin. Your options are endless!

Check out my 7 favorite diy facial spray recipes below. You might be surprised which ingredients you already have in your kitchen pantry. I’ll even show you exactly how to apply the face mist in relation to your daily and monthly skincare routines.



How to Use Face Mist in Your Daily Beauty Routine




7 Homemade Facial Spray Recipes with Simple Ingredients


1. Balancing Face Mist


2. Sensitive Floral Facial Spray


3. Toning Facial Spray


4. Revitalizing Rosewater Face Mist


5. Orange Blossom Cooling Facial Spray


6. Green Tea Face Mist


7. Anti-Aging Facial Mist


Final Thoughts and Recommendations

How to Use Face Mist in Your Daily Beauty Routine

7 diy facial spray recipes to make in your kitchen 27 diy facial spray recipes to make in your kitchen 3

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Face mist is an excellent investment because the product offers many uses, including:

  • Homemade face toner: You can use face mists as a sprayable, personalized toner, which means you don’t need cotton balls or reusable cotton rounds to apply toner.

  • Makeup setting spray: Some facial spray recipes function as makeup setting sprays. They keep your face in place when temperatures rise.

  • Traveling: Airplanes and other forms of travel dry out your skin and cause blemishes. A facial mist boosts your skin’s freshness and moisture.

  • Exercising: When you’re sweaty from a long, hot workout, but can’t get to a sink to wash your face yet, a facial mist spray helps. You feel less gross, bacteria won’t build-up, and you’re less likely to break out (which is awesome if you’re prone to acne).

  • Cool off: Spray yourself any time you feel hot to cool down. In the summer, I store my face mist in the fridge and reach for them when I feel sweaty.

There are also multiple ways to make homemade facial sprays, so you can swap out expensive store-bought skincare products for simple ingredients in your kitchen. You can tailor each spray to your skin type or needs as well. For example, I make a facial spray to combat clogging and bacteria to use after/during my workouts and another for use in my daily beauty routine.

Depending on your skin’s needs, face mists help address issues like:

  • Dehydration

  • Irritation

  • pH rebalancing

  • Blemishes


Use your facial spray twice daily as a part of your daily beauty routine or mist yourself as needed throughout the day.

Start by cleansing your face, then shut your eyes and spritz the mist onto your face. Apply the mist before facial serum and moisturizer, allowing each product to soak into your skin completely before moving on to the next.

If you’re going through your full home facial regimen, cleanse and physically exfoliate your face first. Steam your skin for a few minutes, complete a homemade face mask, then spritz the facial mist.

When using the facial spray to set your makeup, spray the mist after putting your makeup on. You can also spritz yourself as a post-workout cleanser or moisturizer if you’re out of your usual product.

7 Homemade Facial Spray Recipes with Simple Ingredients

7 diy facial spray recipes to make in your kitchen 4

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Below are some of my favorite face mist recipes. Pick the best one for you based on your skin type, ailment, or needs. Or, select the recipe you like based on the ingredients you already have in your pantry.

1. Balancing Face Mist

Harsh cleansers and makeup removers are highly alkaline, which is what makes them dissolve grime and products from your face. However, they can also cause your skin’s pH balance to become out of whack. A facial spray that’s slightly acidic rebalances your pH.


Directions: Place the apple cider vinegar directly in your spray bottle, filling the remainder full with distilled water. Shake to combine. Refrigerate the facial spray between uses, shaking well each time.

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2. Sensitive Floral Facial Spray

A super easy recipe, this facial spray only requires three ingredients. The spray is refreshing for hot summer days or when your dry skin needs hydration. It also works well as a makeup setting spray for smooth, less clumpy makeup.


Directions: Add the jojoba oil directly into the bottom of your spray bottle, then combine the oil with your essential oils. Shake the bottle. Add in the distilled water and shake to combine again.

3. Toning Facial Spray

While this homemade toner is perfect for oily or combination skin, all skin types thrive with a daily face toner. They reduce oil production and remove any makeup left behind after the cleansing process. This recipe even includes natural anti-inflammatory, redness reduction, skin-soothing, and hydrating properties thanks to the aloe vera and witch hazel.


Directions: Place the aloe vera in your glass spray bottle first, filling the rest of the way with witch hazel. Shake to combine and again before each use.

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4. Revitalizing Rosewater Face Mist

Dry and sensitive skin types adore rosewater. The ingredient soothes and hydrates, while the anti-inflammatory and healing properties help with morning puffiness. My rosewater face mist recipe also includes chamomile essential oil for redness and irritation as well as jojoba oil for hydration. It’s excellent for travel and exercise, as it revitalizes, softens skin, and helps rebalance your skin’s pH.


Directions: Start by pulling rose petals from the flowers, removing the stamen and stems. Place a brick or a bowl of kitchen weights inside your large cooking pot, then place your shallow, wide bowl on top of the brick. The bowl should sit higher than the water you soon place in the pot.

Sprinkle the rose petals around the bowl (in the pot). Add 6-8 cups of distilled water to fill the pot, submerging the petals, then drop the chamomile essential oil and jojoba oil into the water. Add a handful of ice cubes to the bowl in the center. Allow the lid to sit upside down on the pot, so the upturned lid is in the center of the ice cubes. Replenish the melting ice. as you go

Simmer the mixture on medium-low for around 15 to 20 minutes or until the petals lose color. Next, use tongs to remove the ice bowl from the pot. Pour the rosewater in the pot into a mist spray bottle or glass jar using a funnel.

Allow the recipe to cool completely before use.

5. Orange Blossom Cooling Facial Spray

One of the best diy facial spray recipes for the summer, this easy to throw together mist provides a nice glow and helps you cool down. However, I don’t recommend you modify the recipe by adding citrus essential oils, which can cause photosensitivity if you go in the sun.


Directions: First, make around 1/2 cup of orange blossom water by combining the orange flower blossoms and a cup of distilled water. You can skip this initial step (and most of the work by purchasing pre-made orange flower blossom water.

Crush the orange flower blossoms to create a paste and let it sit for at least two hours. You may want to use a bowl and spoon or an herbal crushing kit. Next, combine the paste with the distilled water. Allow it to sit for two weeks. Strain the orange blossoms from the water mixture, and pour the liquid into glass jars for storage.

Use about 1/2 cup of the orange blossom water for your face mist, combining the argan and rosehip oil directly in the spray bottle. Shake before each use.

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6. Green Tea Face Mist

Ideal for any skin type, green tea works as a toner. It’s anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, and fights acne. Plus, you can make this recipe when you’re in a pinch because it’s so quick and simple.


Directions: Make a cup of green tea by steeping a tea bag in boiling water for around five minutes. After you remove the teabag from the hot water, place the cup directly into the fridge to chill. When the tea is cold, add in vitamin E oil if you want to moisturize your skin. Place the tea in a glass spray bottle and store it in the fridge.

Spray it directly onto your face after cleansing twice daily. Make sure to shake the bottle well before each use. Continue storing the spray in the fridge.

7. Anti-Aging Facial Mist

Mature skin requires defense against the damaging free radicals and chemicals in the environment. An anti-aging face mist with ingredients like vitamin C helps fight against pollution and sun damage.


Directions: Boil the water, then turn off the heat. Place three hibiscus tea bags into the water to steep for 20 minutes. After removing the tea bags, add the witch hazel and vitamin C powder. Stir the mixture well, transferring to spray bottles with a kitchen funnel (if needed).

Check the recipe before use by applying a small amount to your neck. If you have no sensitivity, use the facial mist in the morning after cleansing your skin. Store the mist in the fridge, shaking before each use.

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Final Thoughts and Recommendations

7 diy facial spray recipes to make in your kitchen 9

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Each diy facial spray lasts up to two weeks if you store them in the refrigerator. Natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract could help you extend this shelflife. However, I prefer to use homemade facial spray while it’s fresh (hence the small, 2-ounce bottles).

You could even place your favorite diy facial serum or facial oil in an amber glass mist spray bottle (who needs cotton balls?!). I added my healing facial oil to a spray bottle and love it!

If you already know you want to make a few different diy facial spray recipes at once, I suggest purchasing a 12-pack of amber glass spray bottles. Kits like this are an excellent investment. They often come with a cleaning brush, extra sprayers, funnels, droppers, and labels.

Finally, investing in a tabletop machine to make distilled water at home helps save on plastic waste. A water distiller makes clean water, producing around four liters of liquid at once. They’re great for saving money and making more products at home in a single sitting.

Do you love diy facial spray? Share your favorite recipes in the comments. I love trying new options!

7 DIY Facial Spray Recipes to Make in Your Kitchen

How to Use Face Mist in Your Daily Beauty RoutineApplication7 Homemade Facial Spray Recipes with Simple Ingredients1. Balancing Face Mist2. Sensitive Floral Fa






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