Acelga red properties and benefits




The red acelgas They have a high content of vitamins and minerals, so more and more people are interested in adding them to their daily diet to maintain good levels of nutrients in their bodies.


If you are interested in knowing the properties and benefits that this plant can represent in your daily diet you are in the right place, since then you will find all the information you need about this food.

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It is also a very resistant plant to climate change, so it is a very easy crop to get in different parts of the world.

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Red Acelga: Properties

The properties of the red acelga are very striking because they have a high nutritional value, providing a variety of properties:


Red acells are very rich in vitamins, especially in Vitamin A, being one of the vegetables that has the highest concentration of this vitamin.

Another vitamin we can find in the red acelgas is the Vitamin K, since only 100 grams of this vegetables provide up to 700% of the recommended daily consumption. This makes it clear that it is one of the richest vegetables in this vitamin.

But that's not all, because they're also very rich in vitamins of complex B: B1, B3, B5, B6 and B9which are necessary for our organism to perform cell metabolic functions.

Consuming 100 grams of acelga you will also consume up to 34% of the recommended daily intake vitamin C, so we also find antioxidant vitamins in this food.

Finally, it also contains small amounts of Vitamin E.


In addition to being a very rich source of vitamins, this food also turns out to be an excellent source of minerals such as: calcium, copper, sodium, manganese, iron and phosphorus, though it stands out for being especially rich in potassium, magnesium and iron, being richer than other foods like spine-cas.


It is a very rich food flavonoids, Omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants such as lutein, a-carotene, betacarotene and zeaxanthin. El Portal de los Acrósticos imaginativos


People looking for fiber-rich foods will find that red acelgae are a perfect food, as it has a high soluble fiber content.


It is recommended that people who have kidney stones problems be careful with the use of acelga by the presence of oxalates.

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Red Acelga: Benefits

You know the properties of red acelgae, so you must already keep in mind some of the benefits you can get when you consume this food. However, so that there is no doubt, here you have the benefits of the red stroke:

Helps eliminate free radicals

Vitamin C and the antioxidants we find in this food help eliminate radicals free from our organism.

Strengthens the immune system

Hand with the previous benefit, thanks to your dose of vitamin C, also help you improve the immune system by strengthening it against infectious external agents.

Helps prevent osteoporosis

Thanks to its content calcium and other nutrients, consumption of this food can help prevent osteoporosis strengthen the bones.

Prevents brain damage

Their high content Vitamin K makes red acelgae very effective by helping us prevent neuronal damage. This is why a lot is recommended in the diets of Alzheimer's patients, as this disease is associated with a vitamin K2 deficiency in the body.

Promotes heart health

The potassium is of great importance in the cell fluids of our body, helping to promote good heart rate and good blood pressure. That is, it is very effective to help us protect ourselves from cardiovascular problems, and it also helps prevent prostate and colon cancer.

Helps control cholesterol

It has been proven that consumption of this food helps control cholesterol and promote weight loss, while helping to improve circulation.

Well during pregnancy

Thanks to its folic acid content, and to everything mentioned above, it is a highly recommended food for pregnant mothers.

Different types of acelga

These plants belong to the Beta vulgaris species, in which we can find a lot of variations. We can divide the acelgas into two large groups that have a direct relationship with the period of cultivation: spring-summer and autumn-winter.

In the first period or cycle (spring-summer), we have the variety of green and green leaves of white penca, green of white penca breed paris, White silver, yellow of Lyon, bressano, among others. While in the second group (otoño-invierno) we can find the red and yellow acelgae.

It has been proven that all acelgae have the same properties, so any of them will meet your needs. Now that you already know the properties of red acelga do not hesitate to add it to your diet.

Acelga red properties and benefits

VitaminsMineralsNutrientsFiberOxalatesHelps eliminate free radicalsStrengthens the immune systemHelps prevent osteoporosisPrevents brain damagePromotes heart h





Acelga red properties and benefits 1
Acelga red properties and benefits 1
Acelga red properties and benefits 1
Acelga red properties and benefits 1

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