Almeria flour crumbs.




My children, like good almeriens, associate the rain to eat crumbs. And today it is raining in Malaga (at least it has rained right until after eating). So since we opened the windows and saw that it was cloudy, they asked me for crumbs for lunch. I have to confess that before my favorites were the bread ones, but since I got used to cooking and eating the flour, they're winning for a treat. Yes, making crumbs is synonymous with moving them for a long time to get loose (it's not going to be as easy to do as the La Viña pie😉) and make many variants or accompaniments (to me personally is what gives me the most laziness). These can be as much as they want, and mix even the salty with the sweet (small, bitten, fried peppers, bowling, sardines, cod, grapes, melon... Even chocolate!). My kids have to wear boquerones, peppers and chorizo enough. It's a very rich and blunt dish. So I do the fair amount of crumbs, because the accompaniments are many and you end up so satisfied...


I do the crumbs on the “paila” (large and high bra, to be able to remove them without risk of spilling). Since I don't have much time to go shopping, I spend a lot on the Internet, and when I moved in September I bought a Paellera de San Ignacio to adapt to the largest “fire” of my vitro, and to have the walls sufficiently high. That's how it serves me both for a rice and to cook the crumbs. But today I've been encouraged to do them in my Thermomix. That is, started and finished in the paila to stay as we like at home, as they eat in all the houses of Almeria, loose and delicious. To make flour crumbs the most important is the special wheat semola flour for crumbs. You got her at the supermarket. The one I like most is the brand “La Catalana”. It's very important not to be mistaken for the proportion of oil, water and crumb flour, but in the same package they tell you how to do it. I like to throw a few more ml of water than it indicates to make them perfect.

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and effort, you can use Thermomix. After many years of doing flour crumbs, I think I speak with cause knowledge when I say that many of the recipes I have read (and tested) about migas in Thermomix do not work. The reason? The temperature that the crumbs need to be made does not reach our favorite machine. You can't fry the garlic properly, or cook the wheat semola flour, so there are a few crumbs with a spicy flour (not being well made) and powdered in addition to excess water. After a lot of testing, this is my definitive recipe to make flour crumbs, helping us with our Thermomix. Try them, you'll see the difference.

For four people we need:

345 gr of water.

275 special flour for hard wheat semole crumbs.

40 gr extra virgin olive oil.

4 beautiful garlic teeth or 6 smaller.

A teaspoon of salt.

Accompaniment of crumbs: fried boquerones, roasted sardines, chorizo, morcilla, fried green pepper, grapes, cucumber white gazpacho and chive...


One. Cast 40 gr of extra virgin olive oil in a paila or large skillet of high looks and stir whole garlic, without peeling until golden brown. This step you can do in the Thermomix, but it is not worth the time and how the garlic remains (more cooked than fried, and you would have to heat the oil at least 6 minutes/Varoma/speed 1, and then add garlic and put them another five minutes at the same temperature, Speed spoon. Too long for that result).

Two. When you turn the garlic, resell them and pour the oil into Thermomix. Add 345 gr of water and teaspoon of salt. Program 4 minutes/Varoma/speed 1. The water will be starting to boil. Health Tips

3o. Pour all the special flour of crumbs and place the bake instead of the cubilete so that the water is evaporated. Program 12 minutes/100o/speed 2.

Four. After that time, open the Thermomix and remove about half the mass of crumbs. With the rest, crush 4 seconds/speed 7.

Pour these crumbs in the paila or skillet along with the garlic you hurt. Repeat the operation with the crumb mass you booked and pour them into the pan.

With a strong fire at the beginning, and a half when it takes temperature, it ends up desliating the crumbs with a flat wooden spatula, breaking the big pieces and stirring continuously for at least 5 minutes.


- Take advantage of the 12 minutes of cooking of the crumbs to prepare its variants or accompaniments: the pepper, the boquerones, the chorizo... Whatever you decide will be fine.

- If you make more money and get out, you can freeze them and eat them another day. They'll be delicious.

- To make them without Thermomix, add 40 gr extra virgin olive oil in the paila and brown the garlic (I put four or six without peeling, as they are in size, but if you want to put less). Remove the garlic and take care of 345 gr of water. When you start to boil, add salt to taste (a teaspoon of dessert is enough for this amount) and go slowly, while stirring, 275 gr of wheat semola flour. The trick for them to come out perfect is not to stop moving and to break the flour snares with the movement of the spatula (I use a wooden flat). Add garlic when you take about 20 minutes moving and after 10 or 20 more minutes (a total of 30 or 40 minutes stirring), when you see that the crumbs are loose (they should not be left “small” flour), your crumbs will be ready.

- Finish your lunch with a piece of fruit.

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Almeria flour crumbs.

Almeria flour crumbs.

My children, like good almeriens, associate the rain to eat crumbs. And today it is raining in Malaga (at least it has rained right until after eating). So sin





Almeria flour crumbs.
Almeria flour crumbs.

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