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Intuitive Food is an alternative nutritional approach that promotes comprehensive health, teaches to eat balancedly, consciously, satisfactorily and blamelessly. People are intuitive by nature, but there are different external factors that are disconnecting from the signals of the body, such as restrictive diets, beauty canons, anxiety... Altrient points out the keys to this way of food and lifestyle and which of its products cannot be missing in the routine

Goodbye to diets. Intuitive food has the objective to show that you can be happy and feel good with yourself without the need for diets. It helps to reconnect with the body and to know your needs to improve your own health and image naturally and without restrictions. It teaches to eliminate the negative behavior of overeating or to treat yourself with certain foods. It is not about following a diet that restricts food, it consists of eating everything in a healthy, eaten and conscious way.


If you're hungry, you have to eat! The main reason diets fail is because they usually leave you hungry and satisfy you, they eat with anxiety. This type of feeding helps to know which food to choose, in what amounts and to become aware of when one has satiated. It is important to stop counting calories and learn how to build balanced and complete dishes.

Enjoy the food. You have to buy good quality food in markets and cook them using spices to add flavor. A good idea is to have a food ritual, adorn the table, make a colorful and appetizing sandwich and eat without haste. This will help you have a balance and enjoy the pleasure of food.

Differ the good options. Although intuitive food does not prevent any momentary whim, it is important to choose healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients and vitamins. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, lean meats, fish and healthy fats. It is a lifestyle that maintains the ideal weight of a healthy, real and permanent way.

Plan a weekly menu. If weekly meals are planned consciously, the success of a healthier diet is assured. Besides, you get to eat better and save money. If there is no time between week, you can always use the batchcooking method and, in a few hours, cook the whole week food.

Do not confuse real hunger with emotional. Emotional hunger suddenly arises and asks the organism to satisfy that “necessity” with a specific food, which is usually associated with sweets, fries, chucheries or fast food, in short, to foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. is born in response to emotional distress and instead of researching what it affects, burial eating. The interesting thing, in addition to curbing gastronomic excesses and regulating them, is to investigate alone or with professional help that is happening, to remedy it if possible and if it is not to assume it and try to overcome it.

Supplement the diet with Vitamin C. It is one of the most demanded vitamins by the body, especially in winter, since, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to strengthen the immune system. An extra dose of Vitamin C will help relieve the symptoms of a cold and shorten its duration. The body cannot synthesize vitamin C, it has to be absorbed and therefore nutritious supplements must be used.


Glutathion to be healthy. This nutrient is present in the liver, heart, and practically in all cells of the body, which reveals its biological importance. However, dietary restrictions or an imbalance in general health could influence the nutritional demands of the body. Therefore, it is important to take liposomales supplements, as well as to carry a balanced diet and perform daily physical exercise. Viajes y turismo

Indispensable, take Vitamin B. Most forms of the B vitamin complex do not remain completely in the body. The body can only retain limited amounts of vitamin B. Giving with a supplement that offers high bioavailability of vitamin B is essential for the body to maintain its energy levels.

Below, Altrient's liposomal supplements that cannot be missing in a healthy lifestyle:

Vitamin B Liposomal Altrient: contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and maintenance of vision and skin. It helps combat fatigue and fatigue and cell protection against oxidative stress.

PVP 65.99 euros

Altrient Vitamin C: contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to normal formation of collagen for the proper functioning of the skin, blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, to combat fatigue and fatigue and to protect cells from oxidative stress.

PVP 53,40 euros/box

Altrient Glutathione: promotes the elimination of toxins from the liver and kidneys, has a fundamental role in assisting the immune system, neutralizes free radicals and reactivates vitamins C and E, brightens and illuminates the skin, helps reduce fatigue after exercise.

PVP 97,19 euros/box

About Altrient
Altrient is the first brand of highly advanced liposome health and beauty supplements that employ a new and revolutionary method to maximize the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and bioactive compounds. Altrient's patented process only uses the best ingredients to produce the most perfect and purest liposome supplements in the world. Altrient is manufactured by the renowned LivOn Labs laboratories.

The avant-garde Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (TEL) of Altrient protects nutrients from stomach acids, thus ensuring a safe arrival to the small intestine, from where they are incorporated into the bloodstream.

About 3/4 of the supplements contained in most pills and dusts of the market are destroyed by the digestive system and never reach the bloodstream. Liposomal supplements can reach 10 times more bioavailability, so it brings many more benefits.

The brand has been awarded with awards from the most important international health and beauty fairs and conventions.

uchas celebrities international as Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, Rita Ora Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Suki Waterhouse or Kourtney Kardashian among others... and health experts from around the world take and recommend Altrient.

There are different ranges depending on the needs of each person who can also be combined to multiply the benefits. Altrient has a carefully developed liposomal range, which includes Altrient Liposomal Setria Glutathione and which use pro-athletes, and Altrient B vitamin and mineral complex are sponsors of IRONMAN.

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Altrient notes the keys and benefits of Intuitive Food

Altrient notes the keys and benefits of Intuitive Food

Intuitive Food is an alternative nutritional approach that promotes comprehensive health, teaches to eat balancedly, consciously, satisfactorily and blamelessl





Altrient notes the keys and benefits of Intuitive Food
Altrient notes the keys and benefits of Intuitive Food

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