Benefits of a eyebrow lift




Surgery to stretch eyebrows or
eyebrow lift, also known as front stretching, helps lift the eyebrows and improve wrinkles on the top of the face.


This procedure removes excess skin and tightens the tissue to give a rejuvenated look to the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids. Falling eyebrows indicate fatigue, sadness and evidence of old age.

In young adults, the eyebrow is horizontal or higher than the orbital edge. Aging is accompanied by latitude of tissues and gradual atrophy of the bra bones and muscle structures that promote the fall of the eyebrows.

Benefits of a eyebrow lift 1
Lifting of eyebrows

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Recommended for people with little hair, with thick hair, careless and undefined, and with lagoons. The effect of a
eyebrow lift lasts about three months.

With the growth of eyebrows or
eyebrow liftboth men and women can have an incomparable and perfect face at any time of their day,
saving time and money too.

How long will the eyebrow lift results be noticed?

The evaluation of the final results can begin after 1 month, when the tissues begin to stabilize, although it can be evaluated more accurately after 3 months.

What should I do after I have a eyebrow lift?

It is recommended to sleep face up with raised head
during the first 5-7 days after application, time during which you can perform light activities like walking.

Most patients may return to work a week after surgery, but extenuating activities should be avoided and heavy objects lifted for at least a few weeks.

Your advisor is the one who will give you all the specific instructions you will follow after performing your procedure to ensure a safer and more effective recovery.

Benefits of eyebrow lifting

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of stretching or
eyebrow lift, this could be a good time, yet you should ask the following question: "Goza of good physical health"?

To do this procedure, you must take into account that you are forbidden to smoke. It also has to have positive expectations about the procedure and a realistic approach to the process

By performing a
eyebrow lift You're going to get some benefits to look spectacular. Among these we have:

Improves the wrinkles of the forehead

Horizontal wrinkles on the front are improved by more than 80% to reveal a soft and youthful eyebrows skin.

Wrinkle correction

Vertical grooves between eyebrows, known as wrinkle lines, are improved to help facial expressions be happier and relaxed.

Benefits of a eyebrow lift

How long will the eyebrow lift results be noticed?What should I do after I have a eyebrow lift?Improves the wrinkles of the foreheadWrinkle correction





Benefits of a eyebrow lift 1
Benefits of a eyebrow lift 1

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