Benefits of a silicone gun




We've all used, or at least ever heard, on silicone guns. Its use in DIY, which are manual repairs without professional help, and silicone crafts, are of the most common and recommended things in the community.

However, we understand that a part of the audience has no idea of the
benefits of a silicone gun. Instead of using dubious profitability materials, such as bar glue or acrylic, today we will tell you as the fixing tools, known as silicone guns, are the right choice.

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What's a silicone gun?

In simple words, a silicone gun is a device that through thermoplastic adhesives, which are materials that when subjected to high temperatures melt and are attached to certain surfaces, guarantee fixation.

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There are many
types of silicone guns, like the heat by electricity, that melt the bars in cylindrical form. But it is also relatively common to find pressure silicone guns and even wireless.

The silicone gun has as many uses as the mentioned DIY and crafts, but also for constructions and repairs of metals, carpentry, hems, carpets and to cover the small holes of the air-conditioning.

Benefits of silicone gun

Knowing the basic notions, we can now focus on charities related to the silicone gun. Let's see what they are.

Simple to use

You don't need to be an expert, or a repair professional, to master silicone guns. It is a matter of heating the gun, waiting for the bars to melt on the tip and then trigger the trigger to perform the crafts, decorations and repairs.

Although, like everything in life, it is necessary
have concerns. We must maintain a relative distance with the area of the gun where the temperature rises, while we must protect ourselves with equipment such as protective glasses and safety gloves.

Speed of fixing

When we talk about fixing, it's normal for many people to think wrong about the amount of time to wait for it to cool down. Fortunately, silicone is a material that
fastened to surfaces, decreasing waiting times. While guns increase heat exposure or pressure to melt silicone bars quickly.

Quality and price

One of the benefits of very named silicone guns is the
extraordinary ratio and price. That is, you will buy a product of great performance, for different surfaces and adapted to numerous activities, at a friendly price.


We have mentioned it, but silicone guns work for numerous activities, being one of the high adhesive tools
versatility in the market. It can be used for construction in wood, metals and paper, or renovation of accessories in the home, such as carpets, furnished and jewelry.

Beneficios de una pistola de silicona

Benefits of a silicone gun





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