Benefits of a VR simulator




While virtual reality is experiencing a resurgence like never before, the benefits of a VR simulator make many think that they are strictly limited to VR Simulator games. The use of virtual reality as an educational tool is well known, particularly in the field of surgery. Medical schools have adopted this technology as a way of teaching the next generation of surgeons, for example, robotic surgery.


The health sector is a great user of virtual reality, but there are other sectors that have also adopted this technology for training purposes. These include education, armed forces, construction, telecommunications and business.

We're witnessing a massive wave of innovation in virtual reality in recent years. Not only are the headphones becoming more comfortable and more resolution, but the software used to create virtual reality is becoming easier to use and capable of greater visual quality and performance than ever.

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After all, direct experience remains the best way to learn. In addition, the quality of education that can impart in fact virtual exceeds any current technology that we have.

Benefits of a vr simulator 1

Training through the VR simulator

Since health professionals have the task of the well-being of people, they must be armed with the best knowledge and experience possible. VR and AR are proving to be new revolutionary tools to train doctors and nurses in modern medical practices.

While students are used to practicing with mannequins, with virtual reality-based training, they can practice in an interactive animated environment that responds to their actions and corrects them when necessary. Juegos gratis

Access to other limited fields in practice

Not everyone has access to simulation laboratories, mannequins or state-of-the-art qualified trainers who know how to use these technologies. Virtual reality can increase, support and broaden the scope the current simulation content inside and outside the laboratory. Which allows students to spend all the time they need in a virtual simulation, or where simulation laboratories and mannequins are not available.

Actual aviation simulators

Unlike regular “cave mixers”, virtual reality-based training with 3D cabins and 6 degrees of freedom of movement can completely immerse a pilot in the situation. That realistic can be the experience that students can even forget that they have headphones placed after a few minutes!

Training for industrial elevators

Too often, operators travel at high speeds, transport excessive loads, make backups incorrectly. They will park the lift truck badly and will not be able to communicate with the nearby lift trucks. All this can easily contribute to workplace accidents. And given the enormous load of the lifting wheels and excavators, the risk of injury is always high.

Saving money

Virtual reality allows access to the virtual equivalent of equipment and environments worth millions of dollars. In an environment where students have unlimited access to rehearsing scenarios virtually, several times. This helps them make a efficient and effective use of your time in traditional simulation laboratories. Saving the increasingly scarce and highly valuable time of instructors and simulation technicians.

Beneficios del simulador VR

Remote and collaborative learning

If you have not tried the multiplayer VR, I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to do so in the near future. It is a force multiplier for a virtual solo experience that opens the door to new ones. And powerful opportunities in education and simulation of attention. Being face to face virtually with someone physically located in a different part of the world is an amazing experience.


With VR, we have a chance not only to make it learning experience is very realistic and immersive. But we can make her fun, too. Much research indicates greater retention when students are more involved and enjoy content. Virtual reality can be something that students await with cravings.

Benefits of a VR simulator

Training through the VR simulatorAccess to other limited fields in practiceActual aviation simulatorsTraining for industrial elevatorsSaving moneyRemote and co





Benefits of a vr simulator 1
Benefits of a vr simulator 1
Benefits of a vr simulator 1
Benefits of a vr simulator 1

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