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One of the most famous and mortal plants in the world is Belladona. Or what is most commonly known as mortal flaxes. This perennial herbaceous plant has a long and legendary history, so much so that its traditional uses are embodied in literary, historical and popular culture. Specific alkaloids found in berries and leaves are extremely toxic and can cause hallucinations, diseases, confusion, hysteria and even death.


At this point you might be able to ask yourself: then what benefits does Belladona have? Well, let me inform you that, even in ancient times, where there were no research, the beautiful plant was prepared and properly managed to obtain some valuable side effects that could be considered health benefits human.

If you're interested in knowing the benefits of this plant, like treating the primary enuresis or anxiety, you can't miss the following article. Come with us!

Benefits of belladona 1

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How does Belladona work?

The beautiful girl has chemicals that can block the functions of the nervous system of the body. Some of the body functions regulated by the nervous system include salivation, sweating, pupil size, urination, digestive functions and others.

The plant is used in ointments that apply to the skin for joint pain, pain along the sciatic nerve and general nerve pain. It is also used in plasters, gauzes filled with medications applied to the skin, for mental disorders, inability to control muscle movements, excessive sweating and asthma.

belladona beneficios

Benefits of the Belladona

Some of the most fascinating health benefits of the beautifuldone include its ability to relieve breathing difficulty, improve the nervous system, soothe the stomach, eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, promote repair sleep and relieve hormonal imbalances. Then we will talk more in detail about the benefits. Todo para hurones

Help in respiratory difficulty

Although the consumption of mortal flaxes may not seem the most pleasant experience, it is known that the beautifuldona reduces mucus production in paranasal sinuses and can also remove excess flem in the airways. This helps reduce respiratory diseases, as many of the bacteria that are trapped in that flem and mucus cause these conditions.

It relieves stomach disorders

The number of people with irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal problems seems to be growing. But it has been shown that the tinctures of Belladona significantly relieve the stomach. They also reduce cramps and discomfort directly affect this part of the body.

Strengthens the nervous system

When a nervous system condition suffers, it can often be an uncontrollable and shameful process. In which he really feels there's nothing he can do. Spasms, general muscle and functional problems can decrease thanks to this plant.

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Helps treat enuresis

This plant is good in cases of children or adults who cannot control the urge to urinate at night, or what is considered as enuresis. It has an effect that helps to withstand the burden on the bladder and relieve the stress caused by this condition.

Works as an analgesic

Whether in topical application or when consumed by mouth in small measure quantities. Belladona can significantly reduce pain and acts as a powerful analgesic. This use can be one of the oldest applications known in those ancient times where there was no medicine.

Side effects of Belladona

This plant is definitely not as safe as others want to see. Especially when taken by mouth, it contains chemicals that can be toxic in the human body.

Side effects may include dry mouth, dilated pupils, blurred vision, red and dry skin, fever. Icrape to urinate or sweat, hallucinations, spasms, mental problems, seizures and coma.

Belladona contains chemicals that cause a drying effect. It also affects the brain and heart. Drying medications called anticolinergics can also cause these effects. Taking Belladone and Drying Medicines together can cause side effects that include dry skin, dizziness, low blood pressure. Also fast heartbeat and other serious side effects.

Benefits of Belladona

Help in respiratory difficultyIt relieves stomach disordersStrengthens the nervous systemHelps treat enuresisWorks as an analgesic





Benefits of belladona 1
Benefits of belladona 1
Benefits of belladona 1
Benefits of belladona 1
Benefits of belladona 1
Benefits of belladona 1

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