Benefits of belonging to Social Security




La Social security is recognized by all citizens as a social protection from the State. In these times when a global crisis caused by coronavirus has been unleashed; applications for Social Security are increasing. So many high-level workers, discharged and self-employed can benefit from membership in Social Security. In Spain, Social Security is regulated by the Social Security Act.


Benefits of belonging to social security 1

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If you belong to Social Security, these are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Health care

This is a health benefit including medical and pharmaceutical care and services. The aim is to protect the health of the beneficiaries and their ability to work. It may include treatments, as well as physical rehabilitation that allows a worker to recover. Likewise, the hospitalization of the holder and its beneficiaries.

In addition to taking care of the physical condition of the worker, he must ensure the mental state of them. You can always report on all the benefits that this assistance includes for you and your beneficiaries.

Maternity and paternity allowance

The birth of a baby is one of the most special and important moments in the life of parents. However, this time also implies serious responsibilities, which can be added to loss of employmentinterruption of contract, decrease of income, etc.

In the face of such situations, Social Security offers its affiliates a monthly economic benefit. The subsidy corresponds to 100% of the current regulatory base. Those who have welcomed or adopted a child may also enjoy these benefits.

Benefits of belonging to Social Security Todo sobre peces y sus Acuarios, Plantas, Accesorios

Temporary disability benefit

As your name indicates, it's a subsidy for those workers who temporarily cannot continue to perform their duties. In the face of this situation, the worker must be protected to ensure the necessary income that allows him to stay and his family.

This inability can be caused by a accident or temporary illness and requiring health care. If the accidents are not labor and are a common disease, the worker will receive 60% of the current regulatory base. This benefit will be granted from the fourth day of incapacity until the 20th day. If it exceeds 20 days, it will be 75%.

Now, when it comes to a occupational disease or accident and that relations with employment; the worker will receive 75% of the current regulatory base from the next day of being discharged.

Permanent disability pension

A worker may also suffer from a disease or accident that unhabilitates him at work indefinitely. In this case, the social security tax modality covers the loss of income from this worker. Permanent disability can be:

  • Subtotal: This is the loss of work performance below or equal to 33%.
  • Total Permanent: This type of incapacity implies a change of work activity. That is, due to the accident or illness, the worker cannot continue to perform his duties; but if he can perform other functions that do not involve so much effort.
  • Great disability: in this case, the worker cannot perform any kind of work and also requires daily assistance to carry out actions that are essential.
  • Absolute Permanent: is when a worker cannot exercise any kind of work or trade.

La amount of permanent disability will depend on the type of disability received by the worker.

Retirement pension

It is a subsidy that allows the protection of the income of a worker, upon the age of cessation of their functions. The worker can stop definitively or reduce working hours, which also implies a decrease in income.

Applies to lockers or others. To opt for this pension, the worker must have paid for at least 15 years. This pension expires with the death of the beneficiary.

Benefits of belonging to Social Security

Health careMaternity and paternity allowanceTemporary disability benefitPermanent disability pensionRetirement pension





Benefits of belonging to social security 1
Benefits of belonging to social security 1
Benefits of belonging to social security 1
Benefits of belonging to social security 1

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