Benefits of calcium-rich foods




Since we're young we hear about the importance of calcium has for our growth and to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy, being one of the minerals essential to our organism.


However, we grow up with this image of calcium and it is easy that we can forget the fact that calcium is actually involved in a lot of functions of our body, which is why we will talk about the benefits of calcium-rich foods and why you should consume them.

Benefits of calcium rich foods 1

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So get ready, because throughout this article you will know all the benefits your body can take advantage of calcium consumption.

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Strengthens bone health

The main benefits of calcium in our body are related to the strengthening and growth of the bones of our body. Together with vitamin D and K, calcium can help strengthen the bones and prevent their weakening, helping to prevent fractures.

Prevents cancer

Studies have revealed that cancer may also have certain anticancer effects due to certain effects on the cells of our body. Blog sobre productos para la limpieza del hogar

The mineral, together with vitamin D, reduces the likelihood of gastric, colon or breast cancer.

Reduces high blood pressure

It is known that calcium can be helpful to regulate certain functions of the heart. It has an important role in dilating blood vessels and nerve functions of our body, favoring a good heart rate.

Helps nerve and muscle function

Consuming good amounts of calcium can help cells have better communication with each other, which can improve nerve function to have better movement and muscle growth.

Helps to have good dental health

As I said earlier, calcium is also very important to keep teeth strong and in good condition. In this way, the consumption of calcium is of great help for teeth to be in good condition, avoiding the appearance of cavities and other oral diseases.

It can be useful for weight loss

It is known that the intake of calcium in good amounts in the diet can have an effect on fat loss thanks to the absorption our organism makes with food. So letting calcium part of your diet is quite recommended.

What can happen if calcium is not consumed?

In the same way that calcium consumption can represent a good number of advantages, not eating calcium can represent several problems for our health.

Our body occupies calcium every day in different functions and organs, from our skin, nails, teeth, hair and urine. Because it is constantly used, it is important to consume it daily.

Enter the different problems or symptoms that may occur due to calcium deficiency, we can highlight: bone fractures, bone weakness, osteoporosis, coagulation problems, cardiovascular problems (bacterial pressure), weakness or fatigue, and delay in the development or growth of children.

Benefits of calcium-rich foods

Strengthens bone healthPrevents cancerReduces high blood pressureHelps nerve and muscle functionHelps to have good dental healthIt can be useful for weight los





Benefits of calcium rich foods 1
Benefits of calcium rich foods 1

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