Benefits of charging with a TPV




Them Benefits of charging with a TPV pass from security in the cash flow, until proper administrative control.


As the well known whatever the hospitality industry is taking place, it is a work of many tourists; each one must be properly cared for, supervised, oriented and even accompanied in many cases.

That is why a system like the POS represents an immediate solution to the mass processes inherent in the control of all trade. There exists tpv hosteria programs which you can choose to maximize your sales and optimize the management of your resources.

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Credit or debit card charges

Most customers have plastics for the purchase of their products; therefore, ensure that customers have this type of equipment payment system, profitable for both actors

La issue of a ticket allows the customer to take control of their purchases, so that they can specify and identify the available account as well as balances of the expenses incurred. Que dia se celebra hoy

Control inventory

In fact, in order to register the products entering the establishment and control the exits, will allow the administrator to know at the time he so requires to know what the existence of products or goods is.

Conducts business arrangements

The issue of daily, weekly or monthly reports allows an analysis of the behavior of the box, in order to make decisions for reinvestments or relevant variations. Part of the trade arrangements are inventories and sales arrangements.

Manage the entire sales process

The flow of the TPV does not end, that is, it is received from a customer such payment form and, successively, acquires products to the greater for the sales continuity and/or delivery of their products.

Find out how we're selling and what's the situation in the box

This aspect seems to be one of the most convenient for the owners of the establishments, as it largely determines the growth or not of your business. The shape is the ideal, because It does not admit subjectivities.

Bring finances and business up to date

Remember the tedious and even complex that turns out accounting without proper controls and follow-up, the TPV allows through its reports, to reach practical and safe conclusions for the next decision-making.

Shop Organization

From the inventory to the anakes and warehouses It must be well coordinated thanks to reports and tables that generate these devices. It is necessary in a whole case, a competent human resource that allows value and not subuse such a remedy.

Benefits of charging with a TPV

Benefits of charging with a TPV

Credit or debit card chargesPrint ticketsControl inventoryConducts business arrangementsManage the entire sales processFind out how we're selling and what's th





Benefits of charging with a TPV
Benefits of charging with a TPV

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