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Them benefits of horsetail They go beyond helping with fluid retention and today we'll tell you what they are. Herbal medicine has offered a total reinvention to how to treat people. Thanks to organic components that do not react negatively on the body of people.


Today various plants enjoy a prestige to treat diseases. As is the case of the ponytail, ideal for treatments that seek to eliminate the presence of toxins in the body. It is also a powerful ally in the general health and physical beauty of people, thanks to properties such as antioxidants.

If you've heard about the ponytail and you want to know their benefits thoroughly, you're in the right place. We have collected an important amount of benefits associated with healing plants and we decided to bring it to you to draw your own conclusions. However, we recommend that you consult your trusted doctor before using any version of the ponytail.

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They have an important presence in nature, growing in biomas with marine currents that feed the soil through nutritious fluids. While the conditions under which they develop vary between temperate and humid, common in areas such as the Spanish coast and the Balearic Islands.

As a good Perenne bush, the ponytail has a stem that extends to the top and reduced leaves. His name gets it in a smart analogy with the tail of the equines, who have a color and similar shape. As for its size, there is no established average. But it is known that it easily reaches 50 centimeters.

Finally, we must mention that the ponytail grows rapidly in the areas prepared between urbanism, as is the case of the housing gardens. Where they spread through the soils and produce a lot of stems.

Benefits of Horsetail for Health

Having entered context on the essential data on horsetail, it is time to enter the field of the benefits offered by this medicinal plant.

We begin by mentioning some properties: minerals such as potassium and calcium, diuretics for fluid retention and an anti-bacterial concentration that quickly eliminates toxins from the body. They also show evidence benefits of horsetail tea positively affecting the kidneys


And that's just superficially. So, then, we will name the main benefits of the ponytail to make you an idea of how striking these bushes have been used for centuries as an important herbal medicine.

Helps to lose weight

No one should be surprised that the ponytail is beneficial for weight loss. After all, the toxins that accumulate in the liquids do not allow to lose weight. Once you are depositing fluids through the urine, the body works healthier. Burning fat in the process. Autoclave de vapor Blog

Reduces hair loss

Cell oxidation is a serious problem that, among other things, induces people to lose their hair. The work line is fundamental to counteract the production of free radicals in the body.

When cells are in good condition, the capillary fall decreases. To maximize the baldness, in the case of men. Along with the above, the ponytail has minerals that strengthen the scalp, as a silicon.

Important anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory properties in the ponytail are not at all despicable. In fact, it is used as tea to relax the body and avoid the inflammatory increase of internal shocks or bruises. Once you enter our body, you immediately work on reducing inflammation.

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Se dehesase from the liquids

If you ask someone about the ponytail, they'll immediately tell you it's a diuretic. When we speak of diuretic we refer to the capacity of combat fluid retention where toxins and other pathogens are housed. This will obviously make you urinate more. Until you feel healthier.

Help in treatment infections

The human body is susceptible to various types of infections, such as kidney stones and urine infections. Both diseases directly affect the general well-being of individuals, being lethal in some cases for the liver. Thanks to the antiseptics hosted in the ponytail, patients get rid of bacteria.

Balances menstruation

There is a positive perception of horsetail as treatment for menstrual alterations. Something common in some women. It also helps to calm the pains caused by the swelling of the internal female organ in the early days of menstruation. Finally, in the event of infection by ‘deposit’ the blood, the tail also works on that inconvenience.

Combat osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a highly dangerous disease that directly affects the bones. Although there is no clear evidence that ‘cure’ to osteoporosis, if there is studies that support the support of the ponytail in the treatment of the disease. Thanks to the minerals that strengthen the connective tissue.

Side effects of the ponytail

Throughout the article we have talked about the benefits of the ponytail, but is it always a good idea to take it? The answer is: no. We still have to evaluate a couple of things. Something normal when it comes to a herbal treatment or supplement.

For example, in the case of pregnant women, it has not been shown through studies that the bush is safe enough for both the mother and the fetus. The same happens in breastfeeding.

On the other hand, a common side effect of the ponytail is that significantly reduces blood sugar levels. Something that, depending on the context, can be harmful to people suffering from diabetes.

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Benefits of Horsetail

Helps to lose weightReduces hair lossImportant anti-inflammatorySe dehesase from the liquidsHelp in treatment infectionsBalances menstruationCombat osteoporosi





Benefits of horsetail 1
Benefits of horsetail 1
Benefits of horsetail 1
Benefits of horsetail 1
Benefits of horsetail 1
Benefits of horsetail 1

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