Benefits of investing abroad




Smart investors invest abroad. Those who place their money only on domestic financial instruments are losing an important piece of cake.

Open to international markets offers you great opportunities for growth, security, portfolio diversification, risk reduction and even housing in another country. Yeah, just like you read it. Can you imagine living in America in the city you want?

Today we will talk about the benefits of foreign investment. We will explain why having a diversified portfolio in international stock markets is the best option to increase your heritage and ensure your future.

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Benefits of investing abroad

If you're investing only in your home country, or in neighbouring countries, this publication is for you. Or, if you want to start in the exciting world of investments, and you want to do it with the right foot, we invite you to join us.


Ojo, despite what will be presented here, you must always have a strategy, know the market well to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. Get in. Watch video to learn more about how to make an investment abroad.

Here. reasons for investing abroad:

Benefits of investing abroad 1


In the investment ABC it is written that, to reduce risk, we must diversify. What is diversifying? Basically acquire various types of financial instruments.

Diversify limits the risk because if one of the instruments does not take off enough, others will. Those cash flows compensate for the fall.


Do you care about the loss of weight value? It's all right, you invest in U.S. Dollars or Pounds. Significado de los nombres

Diversification reaches such a point that you do not need to escape from the continent. Let's imagine that you are in Spain, and the actions begin to fall sharply. You can flee to other countries in Europe that are growing notoriously. According to US New, countries such as Croatia, Denmark and the United Kingdom were listed in 2020. better countries to invest. All in Europe.

Diversification protects your heritage from economic crises. Let's remember what happened to Greece. The crisis impelled the main global markets. Those who only had money invested in Greece suffered the risk. Of course, it also affected the rest of Europe and even the United States, but not so much.


Security is your top priority. If you only invest in national banking entities, and any of these financial institutions fails, it will negatively affect your deposits of money.

Instead, if you invest in different institutions in the world, there is less chance that all entities will fail at the same time. Only if a catastrophe happens.

Most of these institutions offer a security fund for deposits on behalf of the holder. They also include a Early cancellation clause. You lose interest earned, but not all your investment.

Best yields

It is clear that some coins are stronger and stronger than others. We can't compare the US dollar to the Mexican peso. Or the euro with the Argentine peso.

These currencies have the capacity to generate higher profits and therefore attract millions of investors a year.

Some of the strongest are:

  • Euro
  • American dollar
  • Pound sterling
  • Swiss franc
  • Yen Japanese

According to matter specialists, these currencies offer profitability close to 2%. While regional investments in South America, to mention an example, barely reach 1% of profitability.

Finally, it should be noted that these gains are made effective in a short time.

Entry opportunities

While in some countries the minimum amount of entry exceeds $20,000, foreign investment capitals allow you to enter with only $2,000.

Lower costs

Another benefit of investing abroad is that the costs of acquisition, as well as the prices of financial instruments, are more economical.

We added that you can leverage tax incentives.

Visa opportunities

Foreign investment is important to countries. To attract investors, governments use incentives such as visa and residence.

Countries like Portugal. Spain, England and USA they deliver housing and residence if you disburse a certain amount of money.

Of course, it is not buying two stocks in the bag and you immediately receive an email welcoming you to New York or Madrid.

A number of conditions must be met first. For example, to get the visa and residence in the United States, you have to invest 100 thousand dollars in business.

In Europe, the minimum inflow investment ranges between 2,500 – 3,000 euros. Then you must wait 6 months, after starting operations, to receive the residence.

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Benefits of investing abroad

Smart investors invest abroad. Those who place their money only on domestic financial instruments are losing an important piece of cake.





Benefits of investing abroad 1
Benefits of investing abroad 1
Benefits of investing abroad 1
Benefits of investing abroad 1

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