Benefits of modular constructions




I'll bet you heard about the modular constructions. They're booming. Especially in countries that bet on sustainable architecture.


Those who know her know it is a flexible, quality and innovative current. They also position it between the boom of the next decade in architectural matters.

But those who do not know him, or do not understand the concept well, remain unknown. A methodology that, at first glance, does not end up fitting.

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The prefabricated modular constructions are built in gigantic workshops that have all the elements of manufacturing and tools necessary to create a house, building, school or modular shopping center.

This method of construction, although it is booming, generates constant debates. Especially because of the number of myths surrounding the subject.

Benefits of modular constructions 1

The reality is that it is a sure philosophy that follows the standards of construction and quality of the CTE (Code of Building). In fact, they are planned, evaluated and executed by architects in the company of engineers.

Each building, which is aesthetically modern, elegant and has its own personality, lasts between 20-25 years thanks to the materials used.

The most common are:

  • Steel
  • Hormigon
  • Wood
  • Plaster panels
  • Double leaf glass
  • Model
  • PVC pipe

Benefits of modular constructions

More and more families are betting for modular houses. A growing methodology that, according to experts, will only expand.

But what is it?

Let's see the benefits of modular constructions.

Quick construction

Unlike the traditional architectureModular constructions are completed in a shorter period. Talks up to 35% – 50% time savings. Descargar Imagenes Top gratis

The above is because they elude important details of traditional buildings, such as land traffic, permits to operate outdoors, meteorological changes, etc.

Ideal for urgent buildings – a family that needs housing or public projects of first need – and to optimize the calendar of the builders.

Reduced cost

A modular housing can cost up to 50% less than a traditional one. Logic taking into account the savings in raw materials, savings in waiting time, optimized construction processes, fewer incidents, etc.

Sustainable and ecological architecture

Sustainability is surely the most attractive benefit of modular constructions. The positive environmental impact It's imminent.

First of all, since it is manufactured in a closed workshop, it decreases the sonic pollution. It also improves air quality by avoiding excavators and drills.

Second, the surplus raw material is recycled and used to build again. Reducing contamination by wastes of matter on the planet – such as water, rubble, sand, etc. -

Third, since modular houses and dwellings are completed in less time, evidence lower consumption of services –especially electricity–.

Custom designs

Another reason for the boom of modular constructions is the ability to personalize.

Thanks to the fact that they are built by modules, the architect is able to meet the needs of the customers by making adjustments in each section of the units.

You can choose a modern, sophisticated or luxurious design. Also for minimalist, oriental or ecological designs. Incorporating photovoltaic panels, ventilation, wall insulation and others sustainable changes.

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Architectural flexibility

It is normal that, over the years, families want to make reforms or expansions of housing. Thanks to the modular mechanism, the blocks are removed and moved to the workshop for reform or adapt according to needs of the owners. This allows to project according to the change of society.

Benefits of modular constructions

Quick constructionReduced costSustainable and ecological architectureCustom designsArchitectural flexibility





Benefits of modular constructions 1
Benefits of modular constructions 1
Benefits of modular constructions 1
Benefits of modular constructions 1

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