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In this article we want to focus on talking about the benefits of playing chess, which are actually deeper than just thinking that people who play chess are smart. That is why we have decided to do an article in which we want to delve a lot more into this topic.


Benefits of playing chess 1

Are people who play chess smart because of chess or play it because they're smart already? Anyone can get a chess trainer and become good in this game over time. But if you must bear in mind that a series of studies have proven that this game contributes to the so-called “intelligence.”

Now we will take care of highlighting the benefits of playing chess:

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Stimulates analysis and synthesis capacity

Without a doubt this is one of the most obvious benefits we can find, already chess has the ability to improve our concentration, our ability to be focused on what happens on the board and to put aside everything else. Nails Trends

We have to analyze the different possibilities and get to develop a critical thinking, looking for the best possible movement to defeat our rival.

Incentive of imagination and creativity

A somewhat less obvious benefit, but a study that was conducted in Germany and published in 2010 came to check that analyzing the possible moves during a chess game ends up using both hemispheres of the brain alike.

The results, which were based on magnetic resonances in rookie and expert players, came to surprise the researchers, who came from the premise that the left hemisphere was responsible for the intellectual capacity of the people, abstractions and logical reasoning.

Train the memory

Another benefit that brings us to play chess is that it serves as a good training for our memory at various levels: visual, spatial, associative, etc.

The ability to remember the different strategies and movements of previous games, as well as the different alternatives when we are thinking about the different movements of our rival. These are great exercises to finish significantly improving our memory.

Also, a study published by the journal New England Journal of Medicine in 2003, it points out that chess practice also is of great help to prevent or delay the occurrence of Alzheimer's symptoms, dementia and other cognitive problems that are related to aging.

Children better understand the consequences of their actions

This benefit is specific for children, as they learn to accept the rules and assume the consequences of their own decisions. It is a game in which chance never intervenes, since the pieces are always in sight and every move or play depends on the players, so there is no external element that affects the result of the game.

Benefits of playing chess

Stimulates analysis and synthesis capacityIncentive of imagination and creativityTrain the memoryChildren better understand the consequences of their actions





Benefits of playing chess 1
Benefits of playing chess 1

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