Benefits of solid cosmetics




Did you know that conventional cosmetics have chemicals and ingredients few friendly with the body and the environment?

They're nothing sustainable. They irritate the skin, leave stains, produce grains and damage the scalp.

Best to try natural and ecological alternatives.


Some brands call themselves “eco-friendly”, but they still have a chemical formula and use plastic packaging.

This is not healthy and much less environmentally friendly.

An alternative that is ecological and solves your problems of hygiene, beauty and personal care are the ecological cosmetics.

Do you know them? Have you heard about them, but don't you know what they're doing? Easy.

In this publication we will make a mapping of the benefits of solid cosmetics. When you finish reading, I assure you you will change these organic and biodegradable beauty and cleaning products.

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Benefits of solid cosmetics

A range of cosmetic products is needed to look good: shampoo, soaps, exfoliants, creams, masks, sunscreens, balms, etc.

The market offers you a wide range of unreliable commercial items. You just need to review comments on social media and web platforms to collect side effects like: irritation, stains, grains, burns... Blog sopper tappers

Today is bet on natural products, but not any natural ‘denominated’ product, but those who think of the customer as well as the environment.

These are the solid cosmetics. Eco-friendly products, compact to take them away, which do not use plastic packaging, are profitable and offer better results.

Benefits of solid cosmetics 1

We want the best for you and that's why, before buy solid cosmeticsWe collect advantages you can't let go. The more information about it, the better.

Environmentally friendly

The first thing you will hear about these products is that they are sustainable, ecological, respectful with the planet, etc. And they certainly are.

Take the example of traditional shampoo or cream. These are packaged in plastic packaging. When you finish using the product, what do you do with the container? I'm sure you throw him away and buy a new one.

120 billion cosmetic packaging that end up in dumps. Traditional cosmetics is one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

The direct solution to plastic waste is biodegradable packaging. Precisely those used in solid cosmetics.

Champagnes, or solid lotions for the body, do not come in plastic packaging. They come in wooden boxes, cardboard boxes or packaging made with recycling products. When the content of the cosmetic is finished, these are reused.

They're healthier.

The formula of solid cosmetics is composed of natural ingredients and components. They are excluded from chemicals that produce irritation, scales and dryness.

They rely on natural oils – such as coconut and almonds–, horsetail, extracts of nature, ecological fragrances and dyesioactive colors.

Your skin will look brighter, firmer, more elastic and hydrated.

They're an excellent investment.

The negative point that is awarded to solid cosmetics is that they are expensive. Certainly, if you only compare the price you will say that ‘it is more expensive and not worth it’.

But, actually, in a price comparison, it comes out better. The key element is the duration. Solid cosmetics last longer than conventional products.

A single solid cosmetic equals 2-3 traditional cosmetics in terms of duration.

Do you notice the difference?

Practical and comfortable

These hygiene, beauty and skin care items are easy to use. You don't need a master's degree to apply bar lotion, bar cream or solid shampoo.

Each product is different, but they follow the same philosophy as soap pills. Or they can rub and then massage on the skin, or apply directly.

beneficios de la cosmética

Benefits of solid cosmetics

Environmentally friendlyThey're healthier.They're an excellent investment.Practical and comfortable





Benefits of solid cosmetics 1
Benefits of solid cosmetics 1
Benefits of solid cosmetics 1
Benefits of solid cosmetics 1

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