Benefits of soy




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It is one of the most popular foods in the world, especially in nutritional diets, using both for medicine and supplement, as well as in cooking to make oils, season salads or heat other foods healthyly.

Benefits of soy 1

In the same order of ideas, it is known to be
a low seed in saturated fatswhich are the culprits of the unmeasured increase in bad cholesterol and one of the main causes of obesity. Also for its nutritional properties, among which we highlight minerals and vitamins.


It has a form similar to lentil seeds and should not be confused with cereals, which have a grain shape but are essentially prepared for the preparation of flour. Instead, soy belongs to the family of leguminous, where we also find other seeds such as beans, peas and lentils.

What's with the soy?

Well, we know then that soy is a seed that is extracted directly from the plant, belongs to the family of legumes, stands out for its high nutritional content and is a great gastronomic food. But is that all? The answer, obviously, is no.

The soy stands out for being a
source of essential amino acids for the organism, which are organic compounds that combine to form protein values. The human body has about 250,000 distributed proteins, where only 9 are essential, and soy has them.

Properties of soy

Soy proteins are several, essential and worth knowing them one by one.


Soybean stores essential vitamins: B and E. Those belonging to group B help
recover the energy of the body and the general functioning of the immune system. While those in group E, which is an essential element in plant-based foods, helps protect cells from premature oxidation.


As for minerals, soy has several:
zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. They are naturally found in the human body, although not to the same degree, and the lack of them is harmful to health.

Some benefits are: muscle tone regulation, bone formation, energy recovery, heart rate balance and higher food processing to make good digestion.


This is an essential element for the human body, especially to prevent the oxidation of cells by the production of free radicals. And it's just this soy property.
acts as an antioxidantavoiding, among other things, the development of some types of cancer.

propiedades de la soja

Benefits of soy

Soybean is that food you need to counter several diseases, what are they? Among the best known we have:
Juguetes infantiles: Tienda Gormiti, Monster High, Trompos Cometa, BeyBlade, Bakugan y muchos más

Reduces high cholesterol levels

One of the main medical uses of soy is to balance, and above all to reduce, high cholesterol levels. This is a zero substance, similar to fat, found in the arteries and when it is found high, it obstructs them.

He also works for
decrease the high triglycerides in the blood, a type of fat present in the blood and with high levels that induces the coronary disease. The same applies to high blood pressure, which is one of the main causes of heart disease.

Source amount of lecithin

Lecithin is an organic substance found in the cell membranes and is extracted from seeds such as soy. Important component, inter alia, for
clean the arteries and reduce high cholesterol.

Preventing Cancer

It is worth clarifying that soy is not a treatment prescribed directly for cancer, but it does have important properties, some mentioned above, to combat some types of this dangerous disease, as is the case with cancer.
breast and pancreatic cancer.

There are multiple studies that support soy consumption to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. Much because of Isoflavonas, who works to stop cell damage caused by the disease. Also by fiber and healthy saturated fats for the body.

Stimulates concentration

Multiple studies indicate that consumption of soy foods favors concentration and
support the learning process. Also involved are minerals that nourish the brain of essential properties in the middle of a study session.

What is soy used for?

Soy has multiple applications, especially in gastronomy, where it is used for the following products:

  • Oil production. Soybean oil is a vegetable liquid that is extracted from the seeds, to approximately 15%, and is one of the most used worldwide. It can be used as much as condiment in salads, as to heat foods avoiding excess fat.
  • Milk preparation. Soy milk is manufactured by the soaking of seeds and its subsequent filtration. It is delicious, it preserves much of the aforementioned properties and is sold commercially in packaging form. It is also the most popular and recommended in soy-based diets.
  • As an ingredient in cooking dishes. The soy seed, in its form of dry seed, can be used as an ingredient in very tasty dishes. Recognizing those who are texturized. It is obtained by germination of soy and is a companion par excellence of vegan recipes.

Conclusions on soy

In conclusion, soy is a food to consider to protect the body from dangerous diseases, such as high cholesterol and breast cancer. Its properties are of the most important in the panorama and can be used for gastronomic purposes, as for the preparation of oils and yogurts.

Benefits of soy

It is one of the most popular foods in the world, especially in nutritional diets, using both for medicine and supplement, as well as in cooking to make oils,





Benefits of soy 1
Benefits of soy 1
Benefits of soy 1
Benefits of soy 1

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