Benefits of Tofu and ideal products made with it




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It is a food that is produced by processing soy grain. In a way, like a cow cheese. It is low in fat and very rich in vegetable protein.

Its name comes from Japanese and has no milk. It is widely used in Asian cuisine. It is a good substitute for meat as it has a high protein content. In addition, it can be cooked similarly. However, we need to know how to do it. We'll see.


Tofu Benefits: How to Cook

The first thing you need to know is that tofu He must never eat raw.This would be very unworthy and even harmful to health. To get you an idea, it would be like eating raw legumes. Doesn't sound good, does it?

For starters, you can boil it for about 10 minutes. So you'll eliminate the antinutrients. Then, He'll be ready to cook it, fried or grilled.

You also have other options to cook it. For example, crushed with other ingredients to make smoothies, sauces or creams.

When buying it, it is important that you choose a tofu that is ecological and of good quality.


It's antioxidant.

The nutrients it contains make it a really antioxidant food. Our daily diet should contain this type of components.

In addition, antioxidants provide greater quality of life and delay the damage caused by free radicals, one of the great causes of premature aging.

Not fat.

Tofu only contains 4% of fat matter and 70 calories per 100 grams. These values make it an ideal food for diets or for the goal of maintaining the right weight.

That's right. You must take into account that fried multiplies its caloric contribution. It's great to add it to dishes like salads, whole grains or vegetables.

Benefits of Tofu and ideal products made with it Giantess Videos and comics

Raise the defenses

The phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals containing tofu favor the creation of antibodies. These are responsible for raising our defenses and strengthening our immune system.

This is another reason tofu is always a success in our diet: it will prevent us from infection.

Reduces triglycerides and cholesterol

Thanks to its vitamin E content, lectines and essential fatty acids is ideal for improving and preventing cardiovascular problems.

Products made with tofu

In case after you know the benefits of tofu you want to try it, or you already like it and you want to know other products that you can find in the market with it as an ingredient, we will tell you some of those that exist.

Zuhaitzo chocolate cream

Made from tofu and black chocolate cover, it's really delicious. Due to its nature and characteristics, it has to be consumed in cold.

Tofu sausages with shitake

They're made of tofu and vegetables. Your presentation is on a plate, ready to consume. It will be enough that the hot ones in a pan or iron, with some oil.

The new tofu

In addition to the benefits of tofu, let's tell you what one of its equivalents is.

Bio Jackfruit

The Jackfruit That's it. the largest fruit in the world. It is cultivated in a very natural way. In Sri Lanka their trees grow everywhere. For example, in the jungle, on the sides of the road or in mixed crops of organic farmers.

When one of these ripe fruits, it can weigh up to more than 30 kilos. Its taste is very similar to that of alcachoke or zucchini.

In short: it is an equivalent to tofu. Like him, he's also an excellent substitute for meat. Ideal for vegan diets. It can be cooked in many ways, for example, with gulash, curry or burgers.

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Benefits of Tofu and ideal products made with it

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Benefits of Tofu and ideal products made with it
Benefits of Tofu and ideal products made with it

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