Bizkarra creates a range of vegan pastry for hospitality





It produces three types of vegan cakes and cupcakes and aims to expand the proposals

Adapting to new trends has always been the maximum of Bakeries and pastries Bizkarra. This premise has allowed this Vincentian family company to grow and evolve in its sixty years of activity and is the spirit that has promoted its latest novelty: the creation of a range of activities vegan pastry for hospitality. The first proposals are Three kinds of vegan pies and vegan cupcakes, with the aim of widening the range.


The range is composed of carrot cake, chocolate cake and velvet red cakewith corresponding cupcakes of identical flavors. All of them made from spelt flour, alavés wheat, quinoa, almond milk and sunflower oil. The proposal is to offer an artisanal alternative to any Bizkaia restaurant, cafeteria or hostel establishment and surroundings that would like to incorporate this type of specialties and thus cover all kinds of consumption.

The idea is born by the detected need of an ever wider sector of the vizcaine population that demands this type of product. “Each time more people ask us at the shops for vegan specialities,” says Eduardo Bizkarra. Its sensations are corroborated by the data of the Lantern consultant's The Green Revolution 2019 study. This report states that the “veggie” style is a consolidated and upward social reality and that the veggie diet has grown in the last two years 27% among the adult Spanish population, which means that more than 800,000 new consumers They have adopted this type of food.

Bizkarra has worked to respond to this audience and create its first range of vegan pastry for hospitality establishments. “We have been committed to creating larger and more expensive formats for hospitality because we believe that we have a significant need in the sector that is uncovered,” says Eduardo Bizkarra.

In order to create the new range, the Bizkarra team has entered the work procedures of this type of animal-based products without ingredients, without resorting to as common ingredients of traditional pastry such as eggs, milk or cream. “It is not only about substitution of ingredients but a process of work in another key and it also has to be done in detail to get the perfect textures and flavors” says the manager of Bizkarra. Hence, the proposals have been profiling and maturing to the quality point. “The elaboration is very different but the philosophy of work remains the same as always, that of making a good product based on quality ingredients.” The result is spongy and juicy biscuits that stare at each of the vegan pies, complete with creams and vegetable syrups. Cómo Hacer Jabón Casero, Metodos y Recetas 2023

The new vegan pies are available to the public at the Bizkarra Shop of the Old Town of Bilbao. In its cafeteria corner there are rations of these and other cakes accompanied by coffees or teas. The reception of the public is being very good, which is encouraging the team to think about the following vegan creations.

This is another step in the evolution of the brand and its diversification into new needs in the field of bakery and pastry. For Eduardo Bizkarra “that a traditional company in the sector, with more than 60 years of history, can respond to these new demands speaks a lot of our capacity for innovation.”

The veggie expansion in Spain
The Green Revolution 2019 study allows the reality of the veggie public in Spain to be degraded, that is, people who place the vegetable kingdom at the center of their food (vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians). Currently one in ten Spaniards is identified as veggie, assuming 3.8 million adult veggie consumers. 7.9% are considered flexitarian, being 3 million people who carry this diet. There are almost 580 thousand vegetarians, which represents 1.5% of the adult population, and 0.5% is considered vegan.

The veggie profile is mainly feminine - 65% of the total are women-, young - 15% of people between 18 and 24 years are identified with one of these diets- and urbanite -the big cities have an average greater of veggies versus smaller populations.

Food industry companies have made a great effort to keep up with the pace that this reality marks, and Spain has been among the 5 countries with the largest launch of vegan products. There are 2,500 products manufactured here that have the V-Label certificate, the Spanish Vegetarian Union certification that identifies the products suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets. In the restoration, in two years, the number of veggie friendly restaurants has increased by more than two to 1,800.

“This is a global phenomenon and as a comparison we have the United Kingdom, where one in eight British is vegetarian or vegan. In the U.S., a quarter of the population between 25 and 34 years old, are vegans or vegetarians.”

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Bizkarra creates a range of vegan pastry for hospitality

Bizkarra creates a range of vegan pastry for hospitality

It produces three types of vegan cakes and cupcakes and aims to expand the proposals /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Bizkarra creates a range of vegan pastry for hospitality
Bizkarra creates a range of vegan pastry for hospitality

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