13 Golden Tips On Acne Skin Care




Oily and sensitive skins are generally acne prone. Over secretion of sebum gland starts to accumulate on the pores of the skin and clogs it. So the skin can’t breathe and the bacterial infection starts to occur there. The result is acne. Acne is not at all fatal but if you do not take timely care of acne, it will spread very quickly all over your skin.

Most of the acne leaves ugly black marks on your skin even after it is healed up and marks can stay permanently if you do not erase it in time. This article will give you few wise tips to take proper care of acne skin.


Tips On Acne Skin Care

Do Not Squeeze Your Acne

The first advice for acne skin is not to squeeze your acne. Squeezing spreads acne rapidly and it leaves a black ugly spot on your skin. It is better to leave your acne for healing naturally with time. Apply few drops of medicine to cure acne regularly. You can also apply tooth paste to cure acne overnight.

Wash Your Face Twice Daily

But to avoid acne you have to clean your skin intensely at least twice daily to keep the pores of the skin clog free.

Use face wash to remove excess oil of the skin because dust and dirt easily stuck on the skin. Remove them timely to avoid Acne.

Scrub Your Face Regularly

Scrub your face every alternate day to remove dead cells. Dead cells block the pores of the skin and create infection that lead to acne. Various scrubbers are available in the market. Buy the best quality one according to your skin type.

Take Steam

Steaming is one of the best acne skin care methods. Take a bowl of boiling water. Add salt and camphor in that water. Now cover your head with a Turkish towel and place your face on the bowl. The hot steam will come out and will helps to open pores of the skin.

Sweat will come out and it will help to clean your skin intensely and will make your skin dirt and grease free. Sweat also helps to cleanse the pores. Steaming also enhances the blood circulation of the skin and makes it healthy. Moreover, camphor helps to cure acne because it has antibacterial property.

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Neem Leaves in Acne Skin Care

Neem is one of the excellent products to cure acne skin. Chew 2-3 fresh neem leaves along with molasses and drink a glass of water. It helps to clear your bowels and improves your immunity system. Regular clearing of bowel improves immunity system and cures your acne. Apply neem oil on your pimples. It heals up your acne very quickly.


Add neem oil in your facial mask and apply that mask at least once or twice in a week. It helps you to cure acne very quickly. Boil some fresh neem leaves and mix that water in your bath water. Use neem water to wash your face again and again. Use neem soap while bathing. Planes con niños en Valencia

Mint Juice to Cure Acne

Mint juice is excellent for acne skin care. Crush few fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. Make ice cubes with this juice. After washing your face rub that ice cube on your face. Use this regularly and make your skin acne free.

Turmeric and Fenugreek

Turmeric is an excellent product for anti acne prone skin. Grind one raw turmeric and make a smooth paste. Grind few fenugreek seed and make a fine powder. Mix that powder with turmeric paste. Mix one pinch fenugreek powder with each tablespoon turmeric paste.

Mix well and apply that paste on your acne prone skin. Regular use of turmeric and fenugreek cures acne very effectively. Both turmeric and fenugreek has antifungal and antibacterial quality which not only cures acne but also prevents it.

Aloe Vera Gel to Cure Acne

Aloe vera is an excellent product for acne. Keep aloe vera in your garden. It is a small herb and you can keep it also in your balcony so that you can get fresh aloe vera whenever you want it. Take one small piece of aloe vera, slit it and remove the gel.

Mash it and apply the gel on your skin. Regular use of this gel helps to cure acne and take a care for your acne prone skin. It prevents further acne infection and helps to remove, marks left by acne.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has powerful anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral medicine. It effectively cures acne, black heads and white heads. Mix few drops of tea tree oil with equal amount of plain water. Apply it directly on pimples. Use it at regular basis and cures acne very quickly. Apart from using it directly, you can mix this oil in your bath water to fight the bacterial infection.


Calendula flower is being used from Cleopatra’s time to cure acne. It is a small tree and like aloe vera you can also keep it in your balcony. It enhances the healing process of the tissues of the skin. Chop few calendula flowers and boil it in oil. For this purpose olive oil is the best because it is very light. Thick oil makes your oily acne prone skin oilier and clogs the pores and enhances the problem of acne.

Mix Coriander Leaves in Your Face Mask

Coriander leaves has antibacterial property. Take some fresh coriander leaves and crush it to make a paste. Mix that paste with fuller’s earth.

Add some water to make a paste and apply that paste thickly on your face and neck. Use this face mask every alternate day and you will get relief from acne.


Garlic is excellent in acne skin care. Crush few fresh garlic cloves and mix it with mustard oil. boil the oil for some times. Let it cool. Massage this oil all over your body everyday. This oil not only helps to cure care of acne, it also improves the immunity system of skin.

Camphor and Coconut Oil

Mix pinch of camphor in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Massage it everyday on your acne prone skin and get benefit within few days. There is nothing to worry. Follow these tips and soon get rid of acne.

13 Golden Tips On Acne Skin Care

13 Golden Tips On Acne Skin Care

Oily and sensitive skins are generally acne prone. Over secretion of sebum gland starts to accumulate on the pores of the skin and clogs it. So the skin can’






13 Golden Tips On Acne Skin Care
13 Golden Tips On Acne Skin Care

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