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Body rash is the irregular condition in the appearance of skin along with skin bumps and redness in particular parts. It creates a change in body color and texture. Body rashes can be either widespread or it can be localized to a particular area such as face, back, neck etc.

Rashes are not serious or detrimental. A stinging or burning sensation can be seen in the affected part of body. Skin rashes can be either self limiting or may need medications. Touching the infection or rashes can lead to transfer of infection to other parts of body hence creating more problems.


Body rashes or skin rashes can be caused due to the cloth or fabric allergies. Allergies can be due to the reaction of chemicals used in fabrics and clothes with the skin. Latex may cause allergies in us and hence skin rashes due to latex, for example, using latex gloves by doctors. Person suffering from eczema can be also suffering from skin rashes. Presence of lice in the head can cause body rash or skin rash.


Another important cause for the skin rash is food allergies. Some person may have allergy towards shell foods such as prawn, egg etc and consuming this can create body rashes. Cosmetic allergy is another reason for the presence of body rashes. Skin may turn itchy and rashes may appear all over the body in case of a fungal infection and this can create a lot of problem unless cured fast.

Appearance of rashes on the body in case of chicken pox is very irritating and serious in some case. Athlete’s foot can also cause irritating body rashes or skin rashes. As a reaction towards soaps, perfumes and cosmetics rashes can appear all over the body. Exposure to pet hair can also cause rashes.


One of the main indications for body rash is appearance of little red, itchy or non-itchy bumps over the body.

This will be followed by a stinging or burning effect all over the body.

Home Remedies

A thin layer of olive oil can be applied over the rashes which can provide a relief.

Cod liver oil, aloe vera and vitamin E are essential in combating the body rashes.

For curing body rash baking powder can be applied over the rashes.
Inflammation due to skin rash can be relieved by having an oatmeal bath daily.

Washing the affected area using chamomile tea can reduce rashes and relieve from intense itching.

Taking a herbal tea daily is an effective remedy for body rash.

A cloth soaked in calcium water or comfrey tea can be used to rub smoothly over the rashes for curing it.

Another important home remedy for body rash is to wash the affected area with herbal teas or peppermint teas.

Applying a paste made from garlic cloves, salt, pepper and ten basil leaves on the affected area is an effective home remedy for body rash or skin rash. Relatos Cortos

Boosting immunity by consuming vitamin C rich foods and citrus fruits is essential as lack of immunity can increase chance for the appearance of rashes.

Applying a layer of tea tree oil on the affected area of skin can give quick relief from the rashes and redness of skin due to it.

Corn starch can be applied on the skin where rashes are present, and this can really cure the rashes with no side effects.

Rashes due to the use of commercial soaps can be prevented by using an eco friendly one.

Another simple remedy is to use baby lotions on the affected area daily overnight.

Incase of diaper rashes seen in babies, natural home diapers or clean clothes can be used instead.

A poultice made from yellow dock root, chaparral and dandelion is very effective in treating body rashes or skin rashes.

Rash powder made from two spoon of clay, one teaspoon vitamin C powder and one spoon of goldenseal powder can be used in case of itching of rashes.

Heat rashes can be controlled by using yogurt which is an effective home remedies this can effectively reduce itching. Sandal wood powder can be also used in treating body rashes.
Plenty of buttermilk with onion should be consumed to reduce body rashes or skin rashes.

Dos and don’ts

You should not rub or scratch the rashes as it leads to breaking of rashes.
If the appearance of rashes is due to use of some soaps or fabrics, stop using it immediately and those can be replaced by using eco friendly products.

Foods that cause allergies to body and that causes rashes and itching sensation should be found out and avoided from daily meals.

Hot water should be avoided from cleaning body instead warm water can be used.

Use of soap can be restricted and instead body cleansers can be used.

Touching the rashes should be avoided as it can spread the infection to all parts of body.

Food item rich in vitamin C, for example, citrus fruits should be included in diet.

Avoid using cosmetic lotions on the rashes.

Affected area should be exposed to air and exposure to direct sun should be avoided.

Scrubbing of skin should be avoided in case of rash breakout.

The affected area should be protected from pollutants and dust.

Bandaging and closing of rashes should be avoided as this can worsen the condition.


Some rashes are hot and a burning sensation is given by them. Cooling is the best priority for these types of rashes. Cold yogurt can be applied over the rashes. Icepacks can be applied on these types of hot rashes. Treatment for the rashes depends upon the type of rashes and its causes.

If the home remedies are not working effectively on skin rashes, a visit to doctor can be done immediately. However, some antiseptic or healing lotion can be applied as per advice of the doctor. Since rashes are not a threatening to life in most of the cases, nothing is there to worry about it.

Home Remedy For Body Rashes

Home Remedy For Body Rashes

Body rash is the irregular condition in the appearance of skin along with skin bumps and redness in particular parts. It creates a change in body color and te






Home Remedy For Body Rashes
Home Remedy For Body Rashes

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