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Come summer, and there are many things that can screw your otherwise bright happy day. Apart from the burning heat that you simply can’t seem to escape, getting stuck next to a sweaty and stinky colleague, that too in a lift, really makes you wish you had just never gotten out of bed.

Now, I know that you would rather not, but just for a minute try putting yourself in your poor colleague’s shoes. If simply standing next to him or her makes you so uncomfortable and sick, just think of how cruel life must be, for that person on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, everyone sweats, even the most sweet-smelling person you know, sweats. But the reason not everyone stinks to high heavens is because their sweat does not turn into body odor, like yours.  So, what are you doing so wrong?


Why you?

Well, there could be a number of things actually. Maybe you are not bathing or exfoliating enough, perhaps you don’t wash your clothes, especially your underclothes often enough. You could be wearing tight clothes, or you could even be over-weight. Or the most common mistake people make, you may not be drying yourself well after a shower.

The last thing that maybe causing this stink is your poor diet, which is probably very rich in all kinds of fatty and oily foods. All these things, put together on a daily basis or even by themselves, are enough to encourage smell creating bacteria to multiply in all those sweaty nooks and crannies of your body.

Sweat 101

Now those of you who suffer from body odor and think the solution to end all your woes is simply drinking less water, need to get certain basic facts right. To begin with, while it has been scientifically proven that the more water we intake the more we sweat, the reverse does not hold true. Meaning that if you drink less, the chances are you will probably not sweat as much as you used to, but trust me you will still sweat.

Sweat is a very useful and necessary tool for our bodies, as all that excess water and liquids that are left over after hydrating our body system, come out either in the form of waste or in the form of sweat. Sweat is then useful for controlling the body temperature and even bringing it down especially in those hot and humid months, when stepping out involves risking a heat stroke. Hence, don’t fight sweat, it is needed. Instead, fight all that bacteria that is corrupting your sweat.

Fight body odor not sweat

Sweat, then is not your problem; instead it is the bad odor it is leaving in you that needs to be cured. Sweat in itself is virtually odorless, but if not hygienically managed and controlled it starts to clog our skin pores. When this happens bacteria start breeding in the moist and salty environment created by this constant sweat accumulation and start multiplying. It is when this starts to happen that your sweat starts to smell, and follows you everywhere in the form of your strong body odor.

While you could spend a fortune, buying over the counter deodorants and perfumes, and breaking bottles of them over yourself before stepping out, that is clearly not a permanent or even a feasible solution. It is at best a mere camouflage which can often backfire, as when you are not careful about the amount of deo you spray on yourself, you end up smelling of a cross between too much sweat and too much perfume. And trust me that is an even more nauseating smell. So, the best thing to do is apply deo or perfumes conservatively when going outside. But it is far better to take long term and natural measures to rid yourself of this embarrassing problem. Recetas para Cookeo


Tricks that work

There are in fact many house hold products that can be applied directly to the skin to help it eliminate odor. Among those that have actually worked on my friends, family and me are baking soda, white vinegar, alcohol, tea-tree oil and apple cider vinegar. All these can either be directly applied to your armpits, or you can use them by adding them to your bath water. They are the most effective if you simply lie back and let your body soak them in. They shall ensure your whole body is odor free.

To make yourself feel better and smell even better, just add a few drops of rose water, or sandalwood and peppermint oil to your bath water. These leave you smelling fresh, without using any artificial deodorants.  Some people also claim that vegetables such as radish and turnip and, their juices can rid anyone of body odor. But the catch here is to apply their fresh juices on your body, and not gulp it down.

Re-examine your lifestyle

The last thing you need to do is to re-examine your personal hygiene. If you are already bathing once and I sincerely hope you are, then step it up a notch. Start taking showers twice a day. If you don’t have that much time, then include a wash or sponge bath of your body and pay special attention to your privates and pits, as this where sweat usually accumulated the most. Buy a loofah or a body brush, and this time please use it well. Team it with an exfoliating agent or soap and you would feel and smell better.

Also, remember to dry and rub yourself well after each wash, and wear nice breezy, cool fabrics like cottons and linen blends.  Change and wash your clothes often, especially undies, and dry them in the sun. Also, change your diet, include loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in it. Diversify your beverage and liquid intake by adding a variety of fresh fruits juices, iced teas and lemonades.

Yes, suffering from body odor is not as bad as suffering from many other kinds of terminal diseases but trust me, if left untreated this oversight can actually turn things from bad to worse, denting your confidence and even self-esteem, depriving you of a healthy and, happy social life. Act now and rid yourself of this problem forever, else it will be back every summer to haunt you, taking away all your comforts of companionship in the bargain.

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How To Cure Body Odor Naturally

How To Cure Body Odor Naturally

Come summer, and there are many things that can screw your otherwise bright happy day. Apart from the burning heat that you simply can’t seem to escape, gett





How To Cure Body Odor Naturally
How To Cure Body Odor Naturally

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