How To Treat Obesity In Children




Obesity in children has become a common problem in the modern world. In technical terms an excess body fat is unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body due to over eating and lesser exercise. Obesity has no remedies but, managing it is the only solution for it.

Obesity in children is mainly due to consumption of extra calories through eating fatty foods than, how much they burn. Obesity in children can also lead to development of different diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, cholesterol problems and, many other chronic diseases in later years.

Causes for obesity

Obesity in children can be due to indiscreet eating and lack of exercises or lack of expenditure of energy compared to calorie in take. Other important causes for obesity in children are junk food, crazy study schedules and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity can be also due to malfunctioning of some vital organs.


Tips to control obesity in children

A day should be started with a healthy breakfast. Children should be provided with a protein rich breakfast along with a glass of milk. Iron rich and fibrous fruits can be also included in the breakfast for children. Obesity can be controlled in infants by providing them mostly breast milk and by avoiding all types of solid foods. An important treatment for obesity can be done by giving a mixture of honey, ginger juice and a little of commiphora to your child twice a day.

Plenty of water should be taken in a day. A habit of taking 10 to 12 glasses of water should be developed in children. Coriander mixed in warm water can be given to your child once in a day for two months to treat obesity. Papaya soup is best in reducing excessive fat. This soup can be given to the child during summer for best results. Junk foods should be avoided as these are less fibrous. More of fruits and vegetables should be included in the diets for children.

Fresh juices can be included in the daily diets and canned juices can be strictly avoided as they contain many types of preservatives, flavors and chemicals in it. Malted or carbonated drinks should be avoided. Diet should contain a well balanced amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Chapatti, rice etc. are carbohydrates rich food items whereas pulses, soya etc. are rich in proteins. Taking heavy and starchy food items may lead to deposition in the body or even lead to change in hormonal levels.

Milk and milk products should be included in the daily diet of children for their good health. Having a cup of green tea once daily is helpful in reducing fat. Ginger juice or ginger tea can be also taken instead of a green tea for treating obesity. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons etc. and vegetables like cabbages, cucumber etc. should be included in the daily diet. These food items provide more of Vitamin B and C which helps in keeping children healthy and fit. Phasmophobia Game - Todo sobre el juego Phasmophobia

Food items like mint, beet root, water melon, lotus stem etc. are rich in iron and iron is essential for a healthy and fit human body. These food items can be included in the diet for children to maintain normal body weight and health. Food should be served in small portions or sizes. Children who are having over weight should not be served with fried and breaded food items. Fatty food items and deep food items should be taken moderately or should be avoided to control obesity. Food items like butter, processed cheese, cakes, preserved food items etc. should be avoided to control obesity in children.

A child suffering from stress and related problems, should be provided with food items like pulses, grains, wheat breads etc. as the source for carbohydrates. Limit the time for watching television, a child should be allowed to watch television at most for 2 hours a day. Watching television while having meals should be avoided. Meals can be eaten together at a regular time.

Children can be involved in household activities like vacuuming rooms, spreading washed clothes for drying, gardening, washing car, etc. Chewing of aloe vera leaves or drinking aloe vera juice can help in reducing weight. Consuming two ripe tomatoes in the morning can help in reducing cholesterol level and this can be continued for two months for best results.

Entire family can involve in daily physical activities like walking, jogging etc. This can control obesity in children by helping in maintaining healthy and fit body. You should encourage your child to participate in any of the games like volleyball, tennis etc. If symptoms of obesity are noticed in your child, you should care to remove salty and spicy food items from the daily meals. Implementing a healthy diet for your family on the whole can be better in managing obesity among your children.

What schools should do?

A compulsory physical training and games period should be provided for the children in each and every schools. These can help the children to participate in the games and other activities very actively. School canteens should not keep or sell any of the junk foods like potato chips, soft drinks, cheese pizzas, donuts, ice creams etc. as over consumption of these food items can lead to obesity in children. A compulsory subject on health and nutrition should be provided in schools which can give ideas about good food habits to the children.


Obesity can lead to other family related or genetic medical problems in later years. This can be avoided by managing the diets and following good health habits. Children who are obese find it embarrassing after certain period of time mainly among other peers who are having good shapes and healthy bodies. Obesity can lead to some of the dangerous diseases like heart diseases and stroke. Body weight can be kept under control by doing exercises and actively participating in outdoor games. By following some of the above tips to control obesity and good food habits you can make your child fit and healthy for ever.

How To Treat Obesity In Children

How To Treat Obesity In Children

Obesity in children has become a common problem in the modern world. In technical terms an excess body fat is unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body due to





How To Treat Obesity In Children
How To Treat Obesity In Children

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