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Itchy scalp is a problem which may occurs on any body’s scalp. Causes of itchy scalp may be many – infection, lack of hygiene, allergy, etc. Sebum gland secretes oil continuously which starts to accumulate on the scalp. Dirt of the air comes in contact of the sebum and makes a sticky layer which blocks the pores of the skin and causes itchiness.

For this reason oil and dirt should be removed from the scalp quickly. This article will help you in the natural cure for the itchy scalp.

How To Cure An Itchy Scalp Naturally

Wash Your Hair Everyday

Wash your hair and scalp everyday with any mild herbal shampoo to clear accumulated sebum and dirt. After applying shampoo, massage your scalp gently and in a round about way so that it will help you to remove unwanted products intensely.


But do not forget to wash your scalp completely because any remains of the shampoo may create rash on your scalp and will create itchiness.

Reetha, Shikakai and Amla

If you want to follow a completely natural way, you can make your own shampoo at home. Soak some reetha, some shikakai and some amla in hot water overnight. Next morning just rub and knead all those products in water and see that leather is coming out. Strain the soapy water and preserve it. Shampoo your hair with this soapy water everyday.

These products are good for the health of the hair and they strengthen and condition the hair properly. This combination is excellent to treat any skin related problems like itching of the scalp. So wash your hair everyday with this soapy water and have a beautiful hair without any itchiness.

Tea and Lemon Juice

Liquor of the tea and lemon juice is a good combination to treat the itchiness of the hair. Boil a cup of water and when the water is boiling, remove it from the oven. Add a teaspoon of tea leaf and keep the lid on. After 10 minutes, strain the liquor of the tea.

Squeeze one whole lemon in the liquor. Mix properly and massage the liquor on the scalp everyday. Everyday use of this liquid will help you to cure dandruff and itchiness of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Take some tea tree oil and mix it in a cup of water. Massage this tea tree oil on your scalp daily and keep it overnight. Next morning wash your hair with plain water. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties and it helps to cure itchiness of scalp very quickly. Disfraces para niños y adultos

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Coconut Oil and Peppermint Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for itching especially when itchiness is due to over dryness of the scalp. Take some pure coconut oil and make it hot.

You may add few drops of peppermint oil in the coconut oil. Mix well and massage the oil on your scalp. Peppermint oil has antifungal quality which cures the infection which is the cause of the itchiness and coconut oil hydrates the dry skin of the scalp. Practice this method at least twice or thrice in a week and get the benefit.

Aloevera and Honey

Massage aleovera gel on your scalp daily to cure the itchiness of the scalp. To enhance the power of the aloe vera gel you may add few drops of honey to enhance the power. Honey both nourishes and conditions your hair. Use aloevera and honey everyday to cure itchiness of scalp within few days.

Henna and Egg

Henna is another excellent product that cures itchiness of scalp. Soak some henna powder in hot water to make a paste. Break one egg and mix with the henna paste. Apply that on your scalp at least once in a week. This product will help to remove the itchiness of scalp very quickly.

Comb Your Hair Daily

Comb your hair with a fine teeth comb at least 15-20 times before going to bed. It not only helps to keep your hair tangle free, it also helps to remove dirt and flakes of the dandruff which may be the causes of the itchiness. But do not forget to wash your comb everyday in antiseptic lotion.

Everyday combing habit with a clean and fine teeth comb helps you to cure itchiness of the scalp naturally and quickly. Moreover, combing enhances the blood circulation of the scalp and it strengthens the health of the scalp and cures all types of problems.

So, go through the article and get some tips which will help you to get rid of the itchy scalp naturally. If the problem increases do not forget to consult a dermatologist.

Natural Cure For Itchy Scalp

Natural Cure For Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is a problem which may occurs on any body’s scalp. Causes of itchy scalp may be many – infection, lack of hygiene, allergy, etc. Sebum gland se





Natural Cure For Itchy Scalp
Natural Cure For Itchy Scalp

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