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Cancer is a disease that is feared all over the world. An eerie feeling of death engulfs a person as soon as he/she learns that he/she is diagnosed with cancer.

Apart from the physical trauma associated with this disease, a cancer patient is also left mentally and emotionally drained. Thousands and thousands of people in this world are dying due to cancer everyday, yet there seems to be no cure for this disease. The point is, our very own apathetic nature makes us forget to acknowledge the fact that all of us are vulnerable to this dreaded disease called cancer.

Let’s discuss very briefly about this disease. What do we understand by cancer, or in other words, what is cancer? Cancer is the name given to a group of diseases that is signified by out of control cell growth. There are several different types of cancer and all of them can be differentiated by the type of cell that is affected in the first place.


Cancer causes significant harm to the body specifically due to the continuous division of damaged cells which ultimately goes on to form lumps or masses of tissue called tumors. These tumors grow and even release hormones that cause alterations and interference with normal functioning of the body. Metastasis is a process in which the tumor spreads and grows in other parts of the body. It is a condition which is considered to be very serious and untreatable.

So what causes cancer? The answer is simple. Our body is made up of cells that follow a regular pattern of growth, division and death. However, when this pattern is broken, that is, when the cells uncontrollably grow and divide, cancer begins to form. Thus, cancer is the end result of abnormal growth of cells that do not die.

At present there is no permanent cure for cancer. Usually a person diagnosed with cancer goes to an oncologist who suggests treatment through conventional methods like chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery. These methods may be effective to a certain degree, especially if the cancer is in its initial stages. However the side effects associated with these treatments, further ruins the already weak immune system of the patient. This is exactly why natural remedies play a major role in not only preventing but also curing cancer.

A large number of people with cancer are slowly beginning to realize the benefits of alternative medicines in the form of natural remedies. These remedies not only work to strengthen the body, but also controls the side effects caused due to the conventional treatments for cancer.

Cancer cells grow when the body’s immune system becomes weak and this happens due to too much free radical damage within the body. Much of the damage is already done by the regular consumption of improper food. Remember cancer cells are present within all of us and to fight cancer our immune system should be healthy all the time. This article will let you know about the natural ways and means to build your immune system which will in turn help you to fight and prevent cancer. So read on to find more about them.

Say No To Sugar And Junk Foods

Too much consumption of white sugar paralyses the functioning of white blood cells that has the capability to fight off an infection. 25 teaspoons of sugar cripples 92% of white blood cells for at least five hours. Thus it should not be forgotten that sugar and junk foods meddle with the normal functioning of the immune system. A natural substitute of sugar is honey or molasses, but that too should be consumed in small amounts.


Say No To Foods Rich In Fat

A diet rich in refined fat doubles the chances of getting cancer. Breast cancer has direct connections with diet rich in saturated fats and animal fats. So women should concentrate more on low fat diet, because it not only prevents breast cancer but also improves the survival rate of women who are already afflicted with this disease. zsh themes - all about z shell and oh-my-zsh themes

Milk produces mucus in the body particularly in the gastro – intestinal tract. Cancer cells thrive on mucus. Unsweetened Soya milk acts as a very good substitute in this case. So by cutting off milk you are actually causing the cancer cells to starve. An acidic environment in your body enhances the growth of cancer cells. A diet rich in meat creates acid in your body which is very harmful for people suffering from cancer.

A Raw Diet Is The Best Diet To Fight Cancer

Till the time your cancer does not fully disappear you should make it a point to consume only raw diet. No doubt it will be difficult to follow, but believe it or not it will be much easier than chemotherapy and radiation. Besides, chemotherapy does nothing to enhance your immune system. On the contrary it ruins it further. So if you want to survive cancer, forget cooked food.

Consume anything you like, but it should be raw, like raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains etc. The nutritive value of raw food can be measured in terms of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, phytochemicals etc. that they possess in large quantity. The body extracts live enzymes from fresh vegetable juices that gets easily digested and increases the growth of healthy cells. Raw food is live food; so don’t forget to make the full use of it when you are fighting cancer.

Drink Carrot Juice Everyday

Carrot is a very rich source of Vitamin A, and so, its juice should be consumed at least 15 to 20 minutes before your meal everyday. Vitamin A strengthens your body’s defense mechanism which enables you to successfully fight and prevent cancer.

Inhale Fresh Air Everyday

Inhaling fresh air by doing deep breathing exercises everyday will help to keep your lungs clean and also increase blood circulation in your body. Fresh air coming from the ocean, a river or waterfall or even after a rainstorm is filled with oxygen and is therefore beneficial for all cancer patients. It is good to remember that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated atmosphere. Even when you exercise, make it a point to exercise outside in the open so that you are able to take in lots of fresh air and sunshine in the process. So instead of going to a gym, you can do brisk walking, cycling or swimming everyday because by doing them you are actually exercising the thousands and thousands of cells inside your body.

Use Of Herbs Is Better Than Supplements

Even though supplements help to strengthen the immune system, and in the process also destroy the cancer cells, but they are still artificial which could cause harm to a cancer patient. That is why it is always better to rely more on herbs, because they are not only natural but they also contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to cure a person suffering from cancer. For example red clover is one such herb whose properties are countless and is apt for curing cancer. Make tea by using the red clover flower and drink it everyday on an empty stomach before going to bed.

Cancer is a disease that not only eats your body, but it also destroys your mind and spirit. So to fight and survive the ordeal, you should be able to transcend your mind and spirit to a level where you exude only proactive and positive attitude. Just imagine, it is really possible to defeat cancer after all, and expensive drugs are not always required. So be patient, be strong and follow the rules mentioned in this article and you are bound to see improvement within two weeks.

Natural Remedies For Cancer

Natural Remedies For Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is feared all over the world. An eerie feeling of death engulfs a person as soon as he/she learns that he/she is diagnosed with cancer





Natural Remedies For Cancer
Natural Remedies For Cancer

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