Useful Home Remedies For Cracked Hands




Most of us must have experienced acute pain as a result of cracked hands. There are a number of reasons behind the occurrence of dry cracked hands that interferes with our daily activities. Deep cracks on the hands are also susceptible to potentially severe infections as they become the breeding grounds of several germs and micro organisms. 

In order to underline the cause behind severely damaged skin on the hand a dermatologist has to be consulted.  But before we look in to the various treatments that are home based and easily available for healing of cracked hands, it is essential that we also look in to the causes behind cracked hands.


Causes Behind Cracked Hands

One of the most common causes behind harsh hands is the frequent use of a hard soap. Washing hands repeatedly cause quick drying of the epidermal cells of the hand. When using hot water to wash the hands repeatedly, the essential oils present on the skin that traps the moisture within, gets lost.

Contact Dermatitis is another reason behind the occurrence of cracked hands. In this condition contact with various allergens like various cleaning products, metals, nickel and cosmetics etc. produces sullenness, reddishness and cracks on the hand.

Eczema is another persistent disorder caused by a poor immune system that results in the formation of scaly, uncomfortable patches of skin all over the hands. In extreme case cracked, painful skin develops.

Dry Environment also causes cracked hands. Low outdoor humidity and the presence of indoor heating system rob the hand of its moisture resulting in painful cracked hands.

While there are number of conventional treatments which are offered by the various medicinal practitioners for the cure of this problem with the risks of side effects looming large over the conventional treatment methods, more and more people are looking to opt for home based remedies.

Home Remedies For Cracked Hands

Oat has always been known to have essential oils in them which help in reducing the body fat. These essential oils also work in improving cracked skin condition. Mince a cup of oats that is uncooked into fine powder. Now use this powder to massage the hands and remove the dead skin cells that have got accumulated at the edge of the cracked skin. Use water at room temperature to wash the hands and then pat the hand dry. To prevent cracked skin, one of the most important steps is keeping the hands moisturized. Therefore, remember to apply a good layer of hand cream every time the hands get washed. This will keep the hands moistened.

The other way of keeping the hands moisturized and crack free is adding a pinch of soda bi carbonate in a bowl of warm water. Soak in the cracked hands for at least ten minutes. This will not only soften the hands but will also reduce the problem of itching to a large extent.

Olive oil has been known for ages to help in reducing the problem of cracked skin. Irrespective of whether you apply it on your hands or feet, the oil helps the cells of the damaged layer to rejuvenate and keep them moistened to prevent any further dryness of the hands. Olive oil also has anti bacterial properties and therefore helps in preventing the spread of infection. Listas y rankings

Vitamin E, A and D are some of the common remedies that can be used to cure cracking of the hands. Dabbing the cracks with zinc oxide and then applying tapes on the crack to heal is another common method.

Aloe Vera juice has both anti fungal as well as healing properties attributed to it. Freshly cut Aloe Vera stem when squeezed on the cracked parts of the hand forms a protective layer over it. The damaged cells get moistened and the infection is stopped from spreading.

Milk Cream has proved itself to be a good home based remedy for cracked hands and feet. It is advisable that you separate the skin of the milk that has been in fridge for sometimes. The cream lightly applied over the hands before sleep produces wonderful effects. You can also store it in a sealed container and refrigerate for repeated use.

Another simple remedy that can be used for the healing of cracked hands is camphor balls. These balls can be easily obtained from the local chemist store. The other home based remedy consists of powdered hemlock bark sprinkled on the cracks.

Glycerin is a very well known moisturizer. Apply glycerin all over the body and specially the damaged parts every time the hands are washed. Mix a small amount of honey in the glycerin tube and store it for repeated use.

A quarter of a pound of unsalted hog’s lard that has been washed in rose water, mixed with two egg yolks and honey and almond paste will produce an effective home remedy for cracked skin. Apply this paste on the chapped part of the hand and keep them as such for sometime before washing off with cold water and patting dry.

Rubbing a little club moss or lycopodium that has been grounded in to fine powder can be applied on the hands. This powder is repellant to water and whenever you wish to avoid itchiness due to soap in water or other house hold activities, apply the paste over the hand.

Precautions To Be Taken For Quick Healing Of Cracked Hands

Cracked hands are the breeding grounds for micro organisms and other germs. This results in the swelling and spreading of infection. To avoid this some simple steps can be taken to prevent the further damage of the cells.

Firstly, whenever washing has to be done use a rubber glove to cover the hands. This will help you to keep the skin of the hands away from contact with water and in drying up off the essential oils from the epidermal cells of the hand.

Apply petroleum jelly before bed time. This should be a compulsory act as petroleum is known to soothe the damaged skin cells.

Avoid using of harsh chemicals or soaps for washing or bathing.

A healthy routine and drinking plenty of water in a day will help you to keep your hands supple and moistened and prevent the occurrence of cracked hands or any other skin disorder.

Useful Home Remedies For Cracked Hands

Useful Home Remedies For Cracked Hands

Most of us must have experienced acute pain as a result of cracked hands. There are a number of reasons behind the occurrence of dry cracked hands that interfe





Useful Home Remedies For Cracked Hands
Useful Home Remedies For Cracked Hands

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