Can the kebab contain gluten?

Sandwich or piadina: both prohibited Sandwich or piadina: both prohibited




Kebab is a Turkish specialty, but more generally from the Middle East, which has also become very popular in our country. It is one of the most common fast meals in small and large cities and it is normal that even celiacs may feel attracted to an exotic meal like this.

Throughout this article we will try to clarify one of the foods more misunderstood for celiac people. To be clear, we will try to answer the question completely: Does kebab contain gluten? And celiacs can eat it?

Let's see together everything we need to know.

Sandwich or piadina: both prohibited

First, let us clear the field of what is the most important and most obvious point in relation to kebab: the piadina or the bread in which it is wrapped is not suitable for celiacs at all, since, unfortunately, it occurs from wheat flour. which is very rich in gluten.

Therefore, the only significant alternative is the one served on the dish, perhaps accompanied by rice and other vegetables: even in that case, however, as we will see very soon, there could be important critical problems, which would make kebab not absolutely suitable for those who seek to follow a completely gluten-free diet. Know the steps you need to follow to renew your bike brief

It's never a certified food.

The problem arises from the fact that kebab is not a certified food and does not even expose the crossed ear. That is, it is meat, a food that is usually never a source of problems.

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What causes certain perplexity , however, is the manufacturing process: we do not know what type of thickeners were used in the kebab that are serving us, and many could contain traces of contaminated gluten, even important.

We do not want to provoke unnecessary alarmisms, but invite them to be very cautious when it comes to consuming, as in this case, a food that does not have any certification and comes from industrial treatment processes that do not prey well.

Many celiacs consume it without consequences, but the risk of gluten contamination remains very, very high.

Can the kebab contain gluten?

Sandwich or piadina: both prohibited Sandwich or piadina: both prohibited





Can the kebab contain gluten?

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