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In fact, in India the turmeric is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, being seen as a spiritual and physical purifier. Even many temples continue to use turmeric and lime water in the rites carried out in their temples.

It is a perennial plant that can have just over a metre high, having tuberous roots, large leaves and cylindrical rhizomes. It can be boiled or steamed and then lets dry, then the shell and the brown “ fingers” that has a yellow color and a different texture are removed.

Curcuum healing properties and benefits 1

Turmeric: Properties

The composition of this spice is very extensive and is full of very interesting and beneficial components, but here we will show you the main components.

I mentioned that turmeric is known to represent multiple benefits for the health of our organism, but before reviewing all the benefits of turmeric we will review its properties:


It is certainly one of the most vitamine-valued species. By consuming 100 grams of turmeric you will get 30% recommended intake Vitamin E13% Vitamin K and 10% vitamin B2. So it is recommended to supplement the consumption of vitamins.


Its vitamin value is good, but this spice stands out for its high mineral value. In 100 grams of turmeric we find up to 440% of the recommended daily intake of iron56% magnesium45% zinc44% potassium, 43% phosphorus and 17% calcium.


Every 100 grams of consumption we will get up to 9.6 grams of protein, being an excellent complement to those who seek to raise their protein consumption. Listas y rankings

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Healing properties and benefits of turmeric

If you want to make the most of the turmeric properties so that you can improve your health and have a healthier lifestyle, then you can get to know the main healing properties of turmeric:

Helps reduce the pains caused by arthritis

When preparing a juice or turmeric infusion, people who suffer from inflammation in their joints or arthritis may benefit. The turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that help reduce pain and stiffness of the limbs.

It relieves digestive problems

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and digestive properties of this spice, it can be of great help to reduce excess acidity and treat different digestive symptoms. Activate the peristaltic movement, which helps waste disposal.

Help prevent Alzheimer’s

La curcumina is one of the compounds found in this spice, which has an asset that works as an anti-inflammatory for the brain. This is very helpful in reducing the negative effects caused by free radicals.

This helps reduce cognitive wear that is related to age. By regularly adding to the diet you can help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Promotes cardiovascular health

By habitually consuming it can help promote proper functioning of the heart, improving the health of the arteries and circulation. Also, its antioxidants can help reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol levels (LDLs) of the blood.

Good to improve skin health

Whether it is used as a topical application or consumed, it is of great help to delay skin aging. Antioxidants help reduce damage caused by free radicals.

Great help for the liver

The assets you have help you balance levels of bile and bilirubin. On the other hand, its anti-inflammatory properties also facilitate the elimination of fats and toxins retained in the liver, improving its health.

Warning about turmeric consumption

Since it is clear that it is a nutrient-charged food and beneficial properties, but it is important to moderate its consumption because it can be a strong irritating stomach.

Curcuum healing properties and benefits

VitaminsMineralsProteinHelps reduce the pains caused by arthritisIt relieves digestive problemsHelp prevent Alzheimer’sPromotes cardiovascular healthGood to





Curcuum healing properties and benefits 1
Curcuum healing properties and benefits 1
Curcuum healing properties and benefits 1
Curcuum healing properties and benefits 1

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