De Pinchos Medievales por Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)





In a weekend in which the Navarre city of Estella-Lizarra will host the final of the XII International Contest of Pinchos and Tapas Medievals, in which will participate restaurateurs of nine of the eleven medieval cities and villas integrated in the Network. The final phase of the Contest will be held on Saturday, 19, from 17 hours, at the Workshop School of Catering

On the weekend of 18 to 20 October, the best chefs from nine of the eleven cities and villas that make up the Network will be present in Estella-Lizarra (Navarra), to participate in the XII International Contest of Pinchos and Tapas Medievales. All of them will compete in good lyd to rise with the yearning 2019 Chef Medieval Award. In the grand finale, which will have as a backdrop the beautiful monumental surroundings of Estella-Lizarra, nine chefs will participate chosen by their respective localities as gastronomic ambassadors of their land. To the Navarre town will be moved cooks of Almazán (Soria)-Julia Medrano, Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)-Laticia Martin, Consuegra (Toledo)-Pedro Rodríguez, Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)-Jorge Ruiz Luzuriaga, Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa)-Adur Arrieta, Laguardia (Álañezva)-Juan


To reach the grand finale, these chefs have previously had to win their local contests. The tapas that will be presented in Estella-Lizarra stand out for their culinary qualities and for meeting one of the essential requirements to participate in the contest. Its philosophy prohibits the use of ingredients from America. In the elaboration of the different prickes the products used have to be “medievales”, present in the Iberian Peninsula before the Discovery of America.

Ruta del Pincho Medieval
Thus, the weekend from 18 to 20 October will decide which is the best historical cover of the XII International Medieval Pinchos Competition. The program of this great gastronomic feast will begin on Friday, 18 October, starting at 17 hours, with the reception of the participating chefs by the host establishments, who will host each of the participating localities. In them, on 19 and 20 (from 12 to 15 hours) the tapas of the contest will be sold at the price of 2.5 euros (caña, musto, wine, water or coffee included) until they exhaust stocks. More than 5,000 tapas will be sold.

The inauguration of the event will take place at 20:30 a.m. at the Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra with the welcome ceremony of the mayor to all the authorities, invited technicians and the cooks themselves. The competition will take place on Saturday, 19 October, starting at 5 p.m., at the School Building Workshop, on the Mekatondoa Street, 26. In it, by lot, each of the restaurateurs will have to make three pins or lids and cook them live, in a maximum time of 15 minutes, under the attentive look of a jury of experts. Utensilios de cocina

The jury will award three awards. The first will have the honor of being declared International Champion of Pinchos and Tapas Medievales 2019, Chef Medieval 2019, receiving a credit diploma and an economic reward of 500 €. For its part, the second classified will receive its own distinction, in addition to a 200 € endowment and will be recognized, in addition, to the most original tapa or puno, to which will be given its corresponding diploma and a prize of 100 €. The other participants will also receive their accreditation diploma and a detail from the organization.

The Navarre city of Estella-Lizarra already hosted in 2010 the end of this contest organized by the Network of Cities and Medieval Villas. He hopes to repeat in the present edition the public success of that year in which a large number of visitors filled the streets and hospitality establishments of the participating chefs. All of them were enchanted by the grandeur of this villa, halfway between the mountain and the Ribera, which in the fifteenth century was known as “Estalla la Bella” and which, even today, continues to keep its Romanesque monuments treasured palaces, manor houses, churches, convents, bridges, beautiful buildings and alleys, through which a lively commercial and cultural activity takes place.

The International Contest of Medieval Pinchos, which this year reaches its twelfth edition, was the first joint initiative that developed the cities integrated in the Network of Cities and Medieval Villas, with the aim of making known, through the celebration of this annual gastronomic event, its historical, cultural and tourist attractions.

About the Network of Medieval Cities and Villas
Network of Medieval Cities and Villas is an alliance composed of eleven municipalities of the Iberian Peninsula whose medieval heritage gives them a top tourist attraction. The Network, which crosses the peninsula from North to Southwest, aims to promote and disseminate these localities, where the medievo has left its powerful footprint. Almazán, Ciudad-Rodrigo, Consuegra, Estella-Lizarra, Hondarribia, Jerez de los Caballeros, Laguardia, Manzanares el Real, Olivenza and Sigüenza in Spain, and Marvão in Portugal, integrate this union of cities and villas that enclose imposing landscapes, gastronomy and cultural offer.

Among the purposes of the Network of Cities and Villas Medievales is the promotion of tourism and the organization of certain events that will make it known to a greater number of people in these towns.

One of the main objectives of the project is to value the wealth and variety of resources of some localities, which have been the scene of important historical events, and their cultural heritage is the brand for which they are recognized nationally and internationally.

De Pinchos Medievales por Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)

De Pinchos Medievales por Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)

In a weekend in which the Navarre city of Estella-Lizarra will host the final of the XII International Contest of Pinchos and Tapas Medievals, in which will pa





De Pinchos Medievales por Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)
De Pinchos Medievales por Estella-Lizarra (Navarra)

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