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Kidney is one of the vital body parts, which acts as a purifier for blood by discarding the waste from the body. This essential function, however, does not work when kidney comes under the grip of tumors that indicate a medical condition called kidney cancer. Even more scaring is the fact that over 55,000 kidney cancer patients were diagnosed of which over 12,000 folks lost their lives in 2010 according to the National Cancer Institute.

The Kidney Cancer Association says that diet for kidney cancer has a role to play in around 35% of cancer types although there this association is yet not clear. If you are a kidney cancer patient, you will be quite interested to know about the renal diet. Therefore, in this article, you shall be introduced to the diets for kidney cancer.


Foods Full Of Antioxidants

Studies until now have shown that antioxidants tend to carry anti-cancer as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why vegetables and fruits full of antioxidants have the power to prevent or treat kidney cancer, according to Dr. Jung Eun Lee from the Harvard Medical School. He further says that items full of carotinoids such as squash, ginger, apricots, and carrots are more valuable in preventing kidney cancer. Along with these foods, you must also have cherries, blueberries, acai, legumes, and kale; as these antioxidant-rich foods hinder cellular damage that otherwise promotes tumors.

Foods Full Of Phytates (Compounds)

Experts have proved that these compounds aid in averting the kidney calcifications, a major indicator of metastasis leading to kidney cancer. Further, according to the European Journal of Nutrition, Mediterranean diets that include more phytate-rich foods are quite useful in preventing kidney cancer. Therefore, one must have legumes, cereals, and some whole grains that are full of these compounds in the diet for kidney cancer. Recetas faciles y rápidas

Foods That Result In Weight Loss

According to the British Journal of Cancer, being overweight increases the risk of kidney cancer by 36%, while obesity doubles this risk. Therefore, following a nutritious weight loss diet for kidney cancer can control your weight and reduce such a high risk. Moreover, a talk with your doctor is essential.

Foods Full Of Silymarins

Silymarins are flavonolignan compounds that are present in the milk thistle extracts mostly available as herbal supplements. According to the Integrative Cancer Therapies journal, silymarins have anti-cancer, antioxidant, as well as anti-inflammatory properties to heal liver and kidney cancers by inhibiting metastasis and tumor formation. Further, these compounds also hinder the gene activation that plays a role in promoting kidney cancer.

Foods That Should Be Avoided

According to the experts, a patient of kidney cancer must avoid too much sodium or salt, animal protein, and potassium intake in diet for kidney cancer. High salt intake triggers kidney strain, while animal proteins such as meats result in uric acid accumulation to form toxins. Further, too much of potassium intake in form of chocolates, apricots, dates, milk, and bananas can pose heart problems and muscle weakness, which worsens the kidney cancer condition.

In addition, one must also avoid excessive phosphorus foods that make it impossible for the body to discard chemicals; oxalate foods such as tofu, nuts, and green leafy vegetables that can result in kidney stones; and processed foods because of the extra salt.

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Diets For Kidney Cancer

Diets For Kidney Cancer

Kidney is one of the vital body parts, which acts as a purifier for blood by discarding the waste from the body. This essential function, however, does not wor





Diets For Kidney Cancer
Diets For Kidney Cancer

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