Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Farm & Health Sector





The impact of technologies on the pharmaceutical and health industry. Farm & Health Tech Conference 2021

Health innovation revolves around patient satisfaction and process efficiency, however the National Health System in Spain still presents a “low index” of digital transformation, the level of digital maturity of the sector was 31%, according to the 2020 study of the Fenin (Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies). The pandemic accelerates the digitization of health and drives the ICT investment of Spanish health above 12%, according to the data of the last edition of the SEIS . There are many areas of performance and advantages offered by digital transformation in the pharmaceutical and health sector. Numerous studies support that the digitization of health services not only benefits the citizen/patient, but can make significant savings through new technologies. Knowing the trends and application of technological innovations is vital to improving and optimizing the complex processes in this sector and helping companies reduce costs, improve processes and operational efficiency.


Next Wednesday, May 26, business leaders and relevant companies in the Sanitary and ICT sector will make known the latest trends, technologies, tools and digital solutions to optimize digitalisation processes and help companies accelerate their path to Digital Transformation. They will present at the online event “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF FARMA SECTOR & HEALTH” trends and keys to the future of the sector and how to innovate and implement successful digital transformation processes. It is a unique 100% online meeting, which will begin at 16:00 until 19:30 with cases of success, cases of use, trends, panels of experts and debates. An essential event to learn about the latest developments, the challenges of digitalization and the impact of technologies on the pharmaceutical and health industry.

They will be treated topics on evolution in medical consultancy, data management and security, how to improve online presence, online brand protection, the impact of the main trends in technological innovation such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Conversation Assistants and IoT sensors; solutions that are being used by pharmaceutical companies to prevent and mitigate phishing attacks, selling counterfeit drugs and other cyber threats, how to accelerate digital pulse, and how to accelerate digital pulse

It's an initiative. Urban Event Marketing and has been possible thanks to support as sponsors ARSYS, PLAIN CONCEPTS, INTERXION, UBILIBET, BRAVENT, CUSTOMER COMMS, DONDOMINIO and AGGITYwith the collaboration of Latina Valley, Quum Communication and the Human Business School ; a. Partnership AFYDAD, Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sports Articles and the European Institute of Health and Social Welfare; as half partners to Digital Innovation News, Revista Transformación Digital, Control Advertising and Interactive, BeInCrypto, Vademecum and Vidal Group.


Start at 16:00 with the introduction of the day in charge of Patricia Ramos Carrero, Socia Director of Urban Event Marketing and participation Julián Sanz, Head of Cloud Solutions in Arsys; Teresa Arandilla, Commercial Director and Legal Communications and, Francisco Marina Moreno, Senior Consultant Legal Communications and Compliance at Customer Comms; Xavier Idevik, Director of Marketing at DonDominio; Eduardo Obregón Gutiérrez, Business Development Manager at Plain Concepts; Raquel Figueruelo, BDM at Interxion; Julio Pardo de Atin, Partner Founder of Ubilibet; César Martín, Artificial Intelligence & Data Business Development Manager at Bravent and Carlos Salesañas Gárate, Tal Pescados, mariscos, conservas y todo sobre el mar

In addition, two panels of experts on The future of the Farm & Health sector: keys and trends for digital transformation and Digital challenges and opportunities where industry leaders expose and debate the digitalization that offers new opportunities and channels of change, moderated by Emilio Márquez Espino, CEO of La Latina Valley, discussion and business club and, for Alexandra González, Director of the Human Business School, Pharma/Health Business School, with the participation of Eva Aurin, Head of Innovation & eHealth in Vall d’Hebron Campus Hospital and Angel Luis Sánchez García, CTO in Madrileño de Salud, Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid.

The invitation is free and open to health industry professionals who want to join the debate and share a day of interesting conferences, they only have to register HERE

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The conference Digital Transformation of the Farm & Health Sector is an initiative Urban Event Marketing which offers a space for knowledge and learning. The event is part of the largest series of annual vertical and thematic congresses on digital transformation and the application of the latest digital innovations. The conferences are made up of different formats: Keynote Speakers, Expert Panel, Cases of Success and Trends.

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Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Farm & Health Sector

Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Farm & Health Sector

The impact of technologies on the pharmaceutical and health industry. Farm & Health Tech Conference 2021 /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Farm & Health Sector
Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Farm & Health Sector

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