Easy grandmother's cake or biscuit, chocolate and flan cake




Today I bring you a recipe that we all know how to cook.It's so easyeasy and helpful that surely we have all tried it at least once.I, like many, remember her fondly.or as a childto.It is the grandmother's cake or chocolate cake, cookies and flan.Today I bring you the versionno moremrsorder from all of them: no need to use any of our favorite machines, we just need the microwave and a few ingredients.Sothat in itThere are few hot ones like this one, in which we don't feel like turning on the oven or spending a lot of time in the kitchen, it is a solutionn perfect for a celebrationNot for a family snack.And if I haveis a boyI little youos, surely they love to help you.

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To make this cake I used a 24× pan18 cm.I have put two rows of four cookies (I couldthere will be a yearadded one more cookies per row, but I hadto break it to make it fit and I didn't want to do it).Yes indeed, I have made it very tall, interspersing layers of biscuit, flan and chocolate.I used toto make it with flan filling alone, but a friend from our Facebook group, Elisabet Megíace, he suggestedyearadd layers of chocolate.The truth is that it has been a success.This cake keeps perfectly for a week in the fridge.fico.

The ingredients that we will need are:

3 packages of rectangular cookies (I used the Toasted Cookie©by Landowner©)

a tablet of fondant chocolate for desserts

an envelope of flan Royal©

two small bricksos (200ml) of light cooking cream

50g of unsalted butter

200ml of milk (I usedskimmed) or vegetable drink

the skin of a limen (without the white part)

a cinnamon stick

1º.We will start by infusing the milk or vegetable drink.To do this, heat the milk in the microwave or in a saucepan on the ceramic hob.mica with lime skinn and the cinnamon stick until it boils.Remove from heat and let cool.

2nd.Take some unsalted butter, just enough to grease the bottom of the pan you are going to use.Sowill avoidI know the cookies float when you add the flan.continuedn, strain the infused milk and seeCut it in a font that is comfortable for you.fashion to go dunking cookies. Știri de ultimă oră din Spania

3rd.Prepare the flan following the package instructions.You will only needIt's a liter of milk or vegetable drink.You can do it on the hobmica or in the microwave.Booking.

4th.Prepare the chocolate.To do this, pour the creamin a bowl and microwave for a minute or until it starts to boil.Satheat carefully and addadd the chocolate broken into ounces.Move with a spoon or some rods little by little until it isfully melted and integrated.At that time, yearadd the butter and stir again until fully integratedno.Booking.

5th.Dip the cookies in the milk (not too much, it will meltno.Dipping them in the milk and removing them immediately is enough).Lay the first layer.continuedn, pour a little flan on top, until the cookies are covered.Re-dip another batch of cookies (one at a time) and straincoves above those below.Pour chocolate over this layer until the cookies are covered.Replace a layer of cookies dipped in milk and cuopen flancontinuedto this alternationn how tall you want the cake to be.Crown the cake with a layer of chocolate, approximately one hundredmeter thick.adornala as you want.You can put a printed wafer on it and decorate it with whipped cream around it, or with chocolate shavings, balls or colored dragees...Icloth in the fridgeI spend at least three hours.The ideal is to consume it dailyto next.

Have you ever made this cake?whatThatdo you usually put layers?EatTell me what you want, I'll be theredelighted to read you.

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Easy grandmother

Easy grandmother's cake or biscuit, chocolate and flan cake

Today I bring you a recipe that we all know how to cook.It's so easyeasy and helpful that surely we have all tried it at least once.I, like many, remember her






Easy grandmother
Easy grandmother

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