Fast appetizers for celiacs: what to prepare?




Fast appetizers for celiacs what to prepare 1
Even snacks can cause problems for people with celiac disease.
In fact, they often use products, such as canapés, which are produced from wheat flours containing gluten.


Yes, don't worry, because we have collected some ideas to prepare gluten-free snacks and, therefore, they are apts
for celiacs


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The appetizer or the Italian antipast

Antipast is a dish maybe a little outdated, but it always makes a good impression.
Salami, ham, lomo and some cheese from the earth, accompanied by quality pickles a simple and fast dish to prepare,

that envy us the whole world.

We can use for the occasion, to accompany both God's good, gluten-free corn bread, prepared as if it were bruschetta white bread.

Bresaola and Parmesan

Bresaola and Parmesan cheese can also be a more than winning combination to prepare incomings for celiacs.
It is prepared in less than a minute, and you can also add a little rúcula

to complete the picture.
As an accompaniment we can consume bread sticks for celiacs, which we can already find in all supermarkets. Ratones para gaming

ham and melon

The ham and melon is also a very easy snack to prepare, which does not need at all the use of gluten-based products.
That's it. an authentic and

good appetizer that can open any kind of food or dinner.
In this case we recommend combining food rich in starch.
The melon is more than enough as a base.

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Traditional classic fries, such as cremini and all’ascolana olives, can also be made without resorting to products containing gluten.
For the packing of olives we will use corn flour

and to thicken the pastry cream instead of maicena or maicena.
In both cases the result will be extraordinary

And if you can find them ready, it'll only take 5 minutes to prepare them.

the caprese

Caprese is a very simple dish, which will take the right time to cut the mozzarella and tomato.
It does not take more than 5 minutes to take to the table a dish that is an explosion of all the very Italian flavors.

Also in this case, when it comes to an appetizer rather “with body”, it will not be necessary to use any kind of bread or baked product.

Cheese, honey and jam

Cheese, honey and jam are a triptych of absolutely extraordinary products that allow us to create an appetizer on the go, as long as you already have everything in the fridge. Intense honeys, such as chestnuts, and hyperanother cheeses, should be preferred.

Fast appetizers for celiacs: what to prepare?

The appetizer or the Italian antipastBresaola and Parmesanham and melonFriedthe capreseCheese, honey and jam





Fast appetizers for celiacs what to prepare 1
Fast appetizers for celiacs what to prepare 1

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