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Christmas meals, in addition to lack of exercise, may spoil the results achieved during the year. To prevent these dates from suppose a springboard directly to the weight gain, Herbalife Nutrition, gives a series of tips not to lose good habits because of Christmas comilones. The protein becomes the main ally to resist the sweet temptations of this time and to avoid the “picture” between hours

Christmas is to celebrate, share, be with the family and also to eat, but always without neglecting health. Christmas holidays not only change the diet in the meals and dinners of the most noted days, but also increase the consumption of fat and sugar-rich products. This circumstance, coupled with the absence of physical exercise due to lack of time, may spoil everything achieved during the year. For this reason, and to prevent these dates from assuming a direct springboard to the weight gain, Susan Bowerman specializing in nutrition and dietary and director of the Herbalife Nutrition nutrition training area, offers a series of tips not to fall into excesses and lose good habits because of Christmas comilones.


The fact of maintaining good food does not mean having to give up celebrations and fall into some Christmas temptation from time to time. To do this, it is highly recommended to try to control the situation, limit the excesses and think of some strategy or trick that allows to maintain a balanced diet and not to end the parties with a ballast over the weight or what is worse, about health.

“Eating healthy during holidays does not have to be a burden. Nutrition goals can be set as a personal challenge or make it fun for your friends and family. It only requires practice, diligence, a little creativity and incorporate into the diet a fundamental ally: protein,” says Susan Bowerman.

Recipe for a healthy Christmas menu
In general, the Christmas meals and dinners that follow these days are full of calories and, on the contrary, have a low content of nutrients and vitamins. The menus are usually more elaborate than those taken daily, which means that often include sauces and ingredients rich in fats and sugars. In addition, they are completed with sweets and desserts and previous snacks, all accompanied by a greater intake of alcohol.

For all this, can you enjoy Christmas celebrations eating healthy? The answer is yes and Bowerman gives the main keys.

  • Plan with time the menus and quantities so avoid eating more and waste food.
  • For the garrisons, remove those that have starch, such as white rice, bread, mashed potatoes and white flour paste and replace with more vegetables or vegetables.
  • No one is bitter about a sweet, and since it is difficult to resist the typical sweets of these dates, it is advisable to alternate with seasonal fruit.
  • Make smart changes on the purchase list. One option to do this is to review your ingredients and change the least interesting for options with more nutritional value. For example, use whole flour instead of white for the base of the pizza, replace the whole milk with denate or change the soda by water with lemon.

And as a rule you should not forget to continue (or start) with a workout routine: it will help you feel better and look better during your holidays. Blog de divulgación científica

Against Christmas temptations, protein
During Christmas, temptations increase, especially in high options in saturated fats and sugars. Turbos, dusters and alcohol are snacks preferred on these dates so we have to control the amounts consumed, due to their great caloric contribution and little nutritional interest.

One way to resist the unhealthy temptations of the time is to incorporate more proteins into each meal and reduce refined carbohydrates and fats. Although the fundamental role of proteins is to build and maintain muscle mass, it also contributes to lengthening the sensation of satiety, thus avoiding the harmful “picture” between hours and empty calories. Susan Bowerman recommends some forms of intercalating proteins while browsing the exquisite Christmas whims:

  • Start the day with a protein-rich breakfast. Protein consumption not only helps to stay full until lunch, but can even help decrease food intake throughout the day. Powdered oatmeal mixed or food substitute smoothies can be a good choice.
  • Avoid going to the celebrations with an empty stomach. Before leaving, it is advisable to take a healthy snack, such as a natural yogurt, low-fat cheese slices, a handful of salt-free walnuts, fruit-free quilt or protein bars.
  • Include more proteins and vegetables in each meal by incorporating lean meats such as chicken and turkey; and depurative foods such as escarola, endibias, asparagus and alcachofas, among others.
  • Healthyly select the festive food. It is important to choose foods without excess calories, so making small changes in the purchase list will make the difference. For example, choosing fiber or protein-rich ingredients will give recipes an extra contribution of nutrients, as well as including fruits and vegetables in them, instead of other less healthy options such as fries.

“With these small gestures and being aware of their importance, we will gradually internalize those healthy living habits, so that they become part of our daily routine and leave in order to repeat themselves as New Year’s purposes every twelve months,” concludes Susan Bowerman.

Healthy purposes for the new year before New Year

Healthy purposes for the new year before New Year

Christmas meals, in addition to lack of exercise, may spoil the results achieved during the year. To prevent these dates from suppose a springboard directly to





Healthy purposes for the new year before New Year
Healthy purposes for the new year before New Year

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