Herbal Remedies For Cataract




Our eyes are the dearest things to us. Nobody could ever imagine a life without eyes. To preserve the vision of our eyes is our duty. Vision gets affected due to many common reasons and that is why we see many people wearing specs and lenses. Vision may be affected in mild as well as severe ways.

A common medical condition of the eyes is known as cataract. Cataract is characterized by the appearance of cloudy patches on the lens due to which what we see appears to be blurred. The lens of the eye that has turned misty and cloudy is said to possess cataract. Either one or both of the eyes may get affected with cataract.


Cataracts usually occur due to aging and hence are more common in older people. In rare cases, babies may be born with congenital cataract. Due to the cloudy patches, light passage through lens is affected, decreased and this creates a blurred vision. This condition of the eyes may be brought about by several reasons such as poor diet intake, over exposure of eyes to the sun, smoking, aging, or the person may have a family history. Some drugs may also be responsible for inducing cataract.

Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Cataract

Usually cataract is diagnosed in its earlier stages and then treated by surgery. Initial stages of cataract are not complicated to treat. However, if not treated for long can lead to vision loss, as well.

In easy cases of cataract, treatment may easily be carried out by the means of some useful herbal remedies but it is always recommended to get medical attention first.

Some of the popular and effective herbal remedies for cataract are as under.

Fennel Seed And Coriander 

This remedy involves mixing equal amounts of fennel seeds and coriander and adding some brown sugar to it.

Have 10 grams of it in the morning and evening.This remedy is useful to reduce the cloudy vision. Mejores Opiniones y reviews


Another useful herbal remedy for cataract could be the use of bilberry. This herb is being used since years to treat eye problems. A combination of bilberry and vitamin E can be an effective remedy in delaying the progression of cataract. Bilberry extracts are known to improve daytime as well as night time vision. They have a popular history of being used in World War 2 by the pilots for improving night vision.

Coriander Eye wash 

You can use this eye wash daily to treat cataract in herbal ways. Simply boil grounded coriander in a cup of water.

Let it cool and then apply it on the eyes daily. Coriander has lots of antioxidants, vitamins such as vitamin A and C, and minerals like phosphorus that possess the potential to maintain the health of our eyes by preventing its aging and soothing eye stress.

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Parsley And Carrot Eye Drops

A mixture of equal amounts of parsley and carrot juice will make effective eye drops to treat cataract in herbal ways. Parsley juice is also effective in treating other conditions of the eyes such as ulcers and conjunctivitis.

Dietary Intake Of Vitamin A And C

You might have heard it a million times that vitamin A is essential for the eyes.

Hence, for the one having cataract, they must keep a check on their diet intake and include foods such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, oranges, guava, pumpkins, lemon, tomatoes and papayas for vitamin A and C. Dairy products are also a good source of vitamin A.

Herbal Remedies For Cataract

Herbal Remedies For Cataract

Our eyes are the dearest things to us. Nobody could ever imagine a life without eyes. To preserve the vision of our eyes is our duty. Vision gets affected due






Herbal Remedies For Cataract
Herbal Remedies For Cataract

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