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In today’s world, the facial structure is used to portray the beauty of a person. Our magazines and TV screens always show beautiful and attractive faces and both women and men are highly fond of good looks. Facial beauty is important for every individual, and certain features are set as a standard of beauty for both the genders. Though we can easily judge whether a face is attractive or not, the features that determine this attraction are extremely challenging to express. However, many facial features add to the attractiveness of a face like cheekbones play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of a person. This article is going to provide you all of the information you need to know about High Cheekbones VS Low Cheekbones.


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What are Cheekbones?

People nowadays wish to have prominent high or low cheekbones to boost their appearance and to make their faces look more appealing.  But what actually are cheekbones?  The notable parts of the skull below the eyes that highlight the cheeks are called cheekbones. They are also known as “ Zygomatic Bones” or “Molar bones”.  Each person has these structures, which enhance their physical appeal. Cheekbones are further categorized into two types i.e Low or High cheekbones.

High Cheekbones

There are certain facial features that we all love, high cheekbones in one of them. If the line of the cheekbones is found beneath the eye or at the top end of the nose, you are considered as having a high cheekbone. When you have a high cheekbone, the area under your eyes is wide and the bone structure is also noticeable.  Almost every woman applies a lot of highlighters to make their cheekbones prominent.


High cheekbones surely add up to your beauty and most of the Hollywood actresses have gone through plastic surgeries to get real high cheekbones. Many renowned actresses like Angelina Julie, Katherine Hepburn, Natalie Portman and,  Heath Ledger who are considered as a symbol of beauty have high cheekbones and nowadays almost every woman wants the same facial features.

Low Cheekbones

If the malar bones lie near to the nose, the person is classified as having a low cheekbone. In other words, the identification of low cheekbones is that the cheekbone is situated on the lower end of the nose. There is no scientific advantage or drawback of low cheekbones, but high and broad cheekbones have a lot of fashion value.

High Cheekbones Vs Low Cheekbones

People nowadays wish to have prominent High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones to boost their appearance and to make their faces look more appealing. The question is which cheekbone looks more attractive and is more liked by the people? High cheekbones are a sign that the face is in perfect symmetry. If a person’s face is divided into two parts, and the sides lines up then it is viewed as more beautiful then other faces. Both men and women having high cheekbones are considered more attractive. However, it simply does not mean that a person having a low cheekbone is unappealing. There are many people with round faces who look as pretty as a picture despite having low cheekbones. Also, many people having high cheekbones still does not look stunning or attractive because of uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or saggy cheeks. Trámites de notarias un USA para hispanos

Every society has its own definition of beauty, and different people perceive beauty in different ways. Like in Asian society high cheekbones are a symbol of strength and liveliness. Whereas in American society high cheekbones are an indicator of intellectuality, confidence, and beauty. Compared to the low cheekbone, high cheekbones make a person stand out more significantly.

It is a common myth that people having low cheekbones are not motivating and are less appealing. According to the myth, those individuals are rude and anti-social as well. But it is nothing but a myth only.

How to Check Cheekbones are High or Low?

There are a few simple rules to find out whether you have high cheekbone or low cheekbone. Those rules are:


Firstly wash your face properly to make sure there is no makeup on your face. Then stand in front of a mirror also make sure the room has proper lighting.


Find your cheekbones, then place your index finger on the nose and thumb on top of your ear. After that slowly move both your fingers towards each other and draw a line. This step will help you in finding the place of your cheekbone.


After locating your cheekbones mark them first. If your cheekbones lie beneath your eyes in the area where the nose begins then you have high cheekbones. But if the cheekbones are found near the lower portion of the nose then you have Low cheekbones.


How to Make your Cheekbones more Prominent?

If you are not satisfied with your low cheekbones and want to look more appealing with high cheekbones that it is not essential to spend a huge amount of money on plastic surgeries a good makeup can also beautifully enhance your cheekbones. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly locate your cheekbones, after that tilt the makeup brush on it, at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Now it’s time for contouring! Apply the contouring powder till the ending point of your eyebrows. Keep in mind that the contour powder should not cross the area of the cheekbone.
  • Now apply a bronzer that is 2-3 tones darker than your skin tone. Then by using a buffing makeup brush apply the bronzer to highlight the area below your cheekbones.
  • Last but the most important step is to apply a highlighter just above your cheekbones. That’s all. These so simple and easy to do makeup steps will surely give you a totally new high cheekbone look.

How to Get High Cheekbones Naturally?

Each one of us, wants high cheekbones to look more appealing and attractive. But unfortunately, we all are not blessed with high cheekbones. But don’t you worry here are some simple facial exercises that will help boost the attractiveness of your cheekbones. These exercises will help in tightening the skin of your cheeks and will definitely make your cheeks prominent.

  1. The Cheek Puff

  • First of all, breathe in and fill your whole mouth with air.
  • Puff the alternating sides of your cheek one by one.
  • Then breathe out, do this exercise as much as you can.
  1. The Smile Exercise

  • Picture your smile touching your ears and smile with the open mouth as wide as you can.
  • Keep your eyes wide open too.
  • Hold your breath-taking smile for more than 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 10 times. If you will keep repeating this exercise regularly after a few days you will see the results and for sure you will get the High cheekbone smile.

  1. The BumbleBee Exercise
  • Simply close your lips tightly.
  • Start inhaling from your nose.
  • Start moving your jaws up and down, making a chewing motion and move your lips slightly as well.

Repeat this procedure four or five times.

  1. The Fish Face Exercise

  • Suck your cheeks tightly inside and create a fish face. Lips should also be properly closed.
  • Now try smiling while maintaining the fish face. Hold the posture for some minutes.
  • Repeat this exercise five or six times.

Final Words

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones: One thing that should be kept in mind is that whether you are having low or high cheekbones, they are only a part of the face that strengthens muscles and builds your face. If you are having low cheekbone, don’t try to go for surgery because in many cases the structure of the faces becomes worst. Follow makeup tutorials and practice natural exercises to enhance your cheekbones rather than choosing a surgery.

Every individual should accept the fact that natural beauty always looks more appealing and the results of injections and surgeries are only temporary.

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones Guide Updated

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones Guide Updated

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High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones Guide Updated
High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones Guide Updated

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