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Alcoholism is the condition, where a person becomes addicted to alcohol and is not able to stop himself/herself from drinking every now and then. It is a fact that alcohol has spoiled the lives of many people, including the addict and his/her family.

So, it is very important to get rid from this problem, but it would require a great deal of metal strength, conviction and psychological support.The main problem with alcohol is that, you don’t know when it transforms from being a mild, harmless pleasure, to an addiction and so, you are often caught unaware.

People suffering from alcoholism have to go through various therapeutic treatments and medications, but they are quite expensive and simply do not seem to be enough for getting rid of this problem. So, here are some very simple, cheap and beneficial home remedies, which can be of great help to you.


Natural Home Remedies For Alcoholism


Balanced Diet

To get rid of alcoholism, it is very important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Your diet should include wholegrain cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and nuts. A healthy person is mentally strong and is able to resist the urge for drinking, in a stronger manner, which is the most basic requirement in this case.


If you consume one bowl of grapes, at least three times a day, for one complete month, you can be successful in controlling your alcohol problem.

This happens as grapes are said to contain natural and harmless form of alcohol, which can satisfy your bodily needs for liquor.This results in reduced cravings for alcohol.

Carrot Juice 

Carrot juice can also be an effective home remedy, if you want to get rid of alcohol addiction. Whenever the urge for alcohol arises, take a glass of freshly prepared carrot juice. It will help in controlling your urge and so, you will not end up drinking.


Dates have a common presence in our kitchens, as they are healthy and nutritious. But, this is not all, as they are also known to be very effective against alcohol and so, can be used for the same.

In order to use dates, you should rub about 4 to 5 dates in half glass of plain water. Drinking this water twice daily can be extremely effective in controlling your urge to drink alcohol.

Fruit Juices And Take Candies 

The main problem with alcoholism is, when the urge arises you become highly impatient and desperately need something to fulfill your thirst. When this urge arises, many people go back to alcohol, as it can become unbearable. At this time, with a little control, you can gorge on candies and drink lots of fresh fruit juices to get rid of this thirst. Orange and lemon juices have been observed to have the maximum effect in this condition. Diets, plans and health

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Natural Home Remedies for Alcoholism
Home Remedies for Alcoholism
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Celery is a well known home remedy for alcoholism, as it has given very effective results. In order to get the maximum benefit, take out the juice from the celery stalks using a juicer and mix it with equal proportions of water.

Take one glass of this juice anytime during the day for one month and see the results. You can also include raw celery in your diet to improve your condition.

Bitter Gourd Juice

Extract the juice from bitter gourd leaves and mix three tablespoons of this juice with one glass of buttermilk. Drink this buttermilk bitter gourd mixture every morning, for at least one month and you will see visible effects. It would not only help in curbing the need to drink more alcohol, but will also heal the damage done to your liver by it.


Apples are very effective in reducing the craving for alcohol.

Consuming apples every day not only eliminates the toxins and impurities from our bodies, but also helps in controlling the urge for consuming alcohol.


Oats are known for their effectiveness in controlling urges. It is one of the most popular home remedies for controlling addiction, including that of alcohol. They can be taken in any form, as oatmeal or snacks, or even by adding it to your cakes and other homemade food.

They have the ability to control palpitations and anxiety that result due to craving for alcohol. They help in stabilizing the person at psychological level and help him get his focus back on getting riddance from alcoholism.

People suffering from the problem of alcoholism should make use of these above mentioned home remedies to get relief. These remedies are not only helpful, but are also extremely cost effective and easy to prepare. Along with these, one thing that a person suffering from alcoholism should never forget is, it is his own self control that makes the difference.

You cannot get rid of alcohol problem, if you don’t have enough will power. So, the first step in this regard would be to convince yourself about the negative consequences of alcoholism and decide to leave this habit forever.

Home Remedies For Alcoholism

Home Remedies For Alcoholism

Alcoholism is the condition, where a person becomes addicted to alcohol and is not able to stop himself/herself from drinking every now and then. It is a






Home Remedies For Alcoholism
Home Remedies For Alcoholism

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