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  How to do a permanent manicure at home step by step

10 permanent manicure tips at home

How to do a permanent manicure at home? we give you everything Things and advice to do it step by step yourself in your own home.

Next video we tell you how to do it step by step and 10 tips essential for your manicure to be perfect.

Permanent manicure at home: do it yourself

  1. To do the permanent manicure, we will first need to push back our cuticles with a stainless steel cuticle pusher. I never recommend cutting the cuticles, if you push them back with every manicure they end up becoming almost invisible. If there is an inconvenient part, you can cut it carefully with a pair of pliers.

  2. File the nails to our liking. We will file both the tips and the surface of the nail. Be careful because we only have to file a little of the natural shine of the nail so don’t overdo it, the smoother the better. We clean with a brush powder and you’re good to go.

  3. We apply the acid-free primer of nailers, this product is very important because it dehydrates the nail and allows the base to adhere and our manicure lasts much longer. Apply to the nail and to the tips and let dry for a minute.

  4. Then we apply the Twin Coat UV base by also passing the brush through the tip of the nail. It cures in a lamp for one minute and remains sticky, do not touch the surface, this is called a dispersion layer.

  5. We apply Barcelona permanent nail polish nailers. We always pass the brush by the tip of the nail. It is very important because it is necessary to reinforce this part which is the first to jump. If we do it correctly, the manicure will last much longer. These layers of enamel harden one minute each, I usually put on at least two. Also have scatter layerthat is, they are sticky. Don’t think it hasn’t healed, that’s how it is, don’t touch it with your finger or clean it.

  6. Finally we apply the top coatin our case we are going to use No Wipe Top Coat by Nailistas, which does not need to be cleaned because it does not have a dispersion layer, so we save the cleaner. If you use other gloss top coat with dispersion coat, you need to clean it with cleaner after curing one minute in the led nail lamp.

The result is spectacular and durable, very simple to make at home. We recommend applying a cuticle oil when you’re done.

burgundy red permanent varnish

10 tips and tricks for a permanent manicure at home

  1. Do not file the nail too much, just the surface, enough to remove the Natural glow. This way you won’t damage your nails.

  2. Use a 100 file for best results.

  3. keep one handy brush to clean the dust that results from filing.

  4. Apply an acid-free primer to the ends as well, that way it will be more durable.

  5. When the curing of the base is sticky, it is called scatter layerdo not touch or remove it.

  6. The application of the base on the ends is super important for good color retention. Keep in mind that the tips are the first to be damaged.

  7. If you stain the skin with nail polish, remove it. with your own fingernail before curing it in the lamp.

  8. Apply at least 2 coats of color and cure for one minute. The color also has a dispersion layer and should not be touched.

  9. Apply a no-wipe top coat, they are very durable and have no scatter layeror sticky layer, so you won’t have to clean up with cleaner.

  10. Cuticles suffer from manicure. Apply a specific cuticle oil. Dry and dehydrated cuticles form nails and sores. If you want pretty hands moisturize your cuticle daily.

What products do you need for a permanent manicure at home

  • Stainless steel cuticle pusher

  • 100 files

  • Brush

  • acid free nail primer

  • Base, colored enamel and no-wipe topcoat

  • Cleaner

  • cuticle oil

  • LED lamp

Choosing the right products is essential to the success of your manicure. In these cases it is not advisable to save money, you should treat it as a investment. You will save on each manicure and the better the products, the longer they will last. ¿Qué es un pata negra? – El cerdo ibérico

Just because the products are better does not necessarily mean that they are more expensive, but it is true that very cheap products are generally not synonymous with high quality.

Here we leave you the best selling products in our store for a permanent manicure.

How to make a permanent manicure last longer?

The infallible tricks to make your manicure permanent lasts longer they are:

  • Prepare the nail well, push back the cuticle and file the surface, do not touch the surface once deposited, you will contaminate it with the grease of your own skin. This will make the base less adherent.

  • use the first acid free also on tips.

  • Apply foundation to the tips.

  • apply 3 layers of colordon’t let the color touch your finger skin, you need to apply it only on the nail with great care.

  • Use a no-wipe top coatThey are more resistant. Don’t miss the tips!

In short, the tips of the nails are the trickiest part and the one that comes into contact with all everyday objects. If the tips of your manicure are well protected, it will last longer. Use suitable products and, if possible, of the same brand.

How long does it take to do a permanent manicure?

Once you figure it out, you can get a permanent manicure. In half an houralthough at first it could easily take an hour. TRICK: With one-step permanent enamels, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to do your manicure.

Nailistas One Step nail polishes do not need a base, top coat or cleanser. This in addition to saving time, saves product.

How to remove permanent nail polish at home?

When considering doing the glazed at home You also have to think that you will have to remove it yourself. There is more than one way to remove permanent nail polish at home, the fastest is with the Nailists Magic Remover. A nail polish remover gel that, in minutes, will have broken down the layers of enamel. In this video, we explain how it works.

The other more traditional way is with pure acetone Where stir and aluminum foil. We have made another video explaining the step by step in an easy way to do it yourself at home.

Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Teresa Cobo

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How to do a permanent manicure at home step by step | 10 tips — Nailists

How to do a permanent manicure at home? we give you everything Things and advice to do it step by step yourself in your own home.




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How to do a permanent manicure at home step by step | 10 tips — Nailists


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