How to face the “Blue Monday”?





Taking care inside and outside is key to spending the saddest day of the year in the best possible way. The multinational specializing in nutrition and healthy lifestyle Herbalife Nutrition gives a series of tips to make this day a little less expensive up

Monday, January 17, is the Blue Mondayalso known as the saddest day of the year, as blue refers, in English, to sadness and melancholy. The origin of this day comes from the attempt of psychologist Cliff Arnall in 2005 to design a formula that would allow him to calculate the worst day of the year. This idea was part of an advertising campaign of an English travel company, but the concept has remained in the collective imagination globally. The “ecution” developed by Arnall includes many factors such as climate, motivation or Christmas, and resulted in that the saddest day of the year is the third Monday of January, just today.


While it is true that this formula cannot be considered a validated scientific formula, it can be said that the return of the vacation is hard for everyone and that re-adapting to the routine is sometimes made uphill. Therefore, Herbalife Nutrition offers a series of tips to get back to the routine and get over this Monday in the best way possible:


Exercise not only improves physical form and strength, nor helps to lose weight. Sport favors the functioning of the body, but also helps the mind, because it makes the organism free hormones such as serotonin, dopamine or endorphins, which are known as “hormones of happiness”. There are many psychologists who recommend sports to release stress, improve sleep disorders, or generate a routine, not to mention that cognitive aging is prevented and memory helps.

Dedicate time

For many people spending time with oneself is synonymous with feeling alone, but learning to be alone has many benefits. It allows you to listen, recognize your own feelings, reflect on experiences or where you want to go. To spend time alone allows, ultimately, to know, what is key to life, and to be more autonomous. Learning to listen and listen to the body not only improves the relationship with oneself, but also with others, so it is important to seek to have those moments of solitude that connect with oneself in order to get to know oneself better and to learn to enjoy one's own company. Giantess Videos and comics

Some activities that can be performed in solitude are yoga, mindfulness, walk, take a relaxing bath, stretch the body, watch a movie, read a book, paint or draw, cook... All these activities are opportunities to get to know each other better. Once you start, you can't stop. Taking care of the relationship with oneself is as important as caring for the relationship with others.

Take care of the stomach

Turning to routine after Christmas should not involve a food restriction, that will only harm mental health, so it is elemental to monitor the relationship with food. Sometimes the return to work makes it difficult to have a healthy and balanced diet, so it is recommended to have a planning and to practice the batch cooking Or, what's the same thing, cooking one day, making tuppers and having food for several. This method not only allows you to optimize resources and time, but also allows you to have time for yourself, to take care of yourself.

The recommendation is as follows: to listen to a music playlist that puts in a good mood and make a couple of rich and simple recipes that allow not to ask the question throughout the week of “and what like me today if I have nothing prepared?”. The planning of meals will remove a great mental burden that will make the day and week a little easier.

Spend time with the people we want

Spending time with friends or family is as positive to reduce stress as playing sports, because it helps disconnect and because they are supportive. The human being is, by nature, a social being and, although with the pandemic relationships have become more complicated, we must never forget the importance of relating to other people, because it can be a great contribution of happiness.

If something has been learned over the past two years, it is that new technologies allow us to connect with anyone. Stay with friends to go to the movies, visit parents or grandparents, take a walk with the couple before the sun falls... And if she's locked up at home, make a video call with the best friend or play with friends. online.

The return to the routine is tough and Mondays are made uphill, but taking care inside and outside and surrounding loved ones makes life always a little less “blue”.

How to face the “Blue Monday”?

How to face the “Blue Monday”?

Taking care inside and outside is key to spending the saddest day of the year in the best possible way. The multinational specializing in nutrition and healthy





How to face the “Blue Monday”?
How to face the “Blue Monday”?

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