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Obesity is a problem worldwide so people would certainly think why anyone would like to gain weight? Individuals who are too thin are actually underweight which means the bones are not strong enough and their health is at risk.

For women being underweight could affect their fertility. ‘The National Institutes of Health’ uses BMI (body mass index) to measure body fat. The normal range is within 18.5 to 24.9. People with BMI lower than 18.5 are underweight.

Causes Of Underweight

Lack Of Proper Nutrition

Individuals who are malnourished often are underweight because of the lack of consumption of necessary nutrients.



Heredity determines the body weight in a vital way. If any individual inherits high rate of metabolism genetically then he/she may be underweight naturally.

Eating Disorders

Bulimia or anorexia rise from psychological issues and can lead to the problem of underweight. Eating disorders occur when a person restricts himself from food intake. An anorexia patient may refuse food intake to the extent of starvation.


Athletes who devote many hours working out a day burn more calories than they actually consume. An imbalance between calories consumption and burn may lead to lower body weight.

Intestinal Parasites

Certain parasites known as tapeworms are capable of surviving in the gastrointestinal tract of a human body. They usually enter the body through contaminated water or food and feeds on the nutrients ingested by that person thereby resulting in weight loss.

Inflammatory Bowel

Diseases like inflammatory bowel such as Crohn’s disease obstructs the digestion process and irritates the intestines which cause them to become irritated and swollen. People suffering from this kind of diseases are underweight and also experience diarrhea and painful cramps.

Reduced Appetite

reduction or loss of appetite reduces the amount of food intake contributing to underweight problems.

Underweight People Suffer From The Following Adversities

Weak immune system making the person more vulnerable to infections
Underweight women suffer from irregular periods and increased chances of infertility
Bone density reduces which may lead to osteoporosis
Individuals with severe underweight problems suffer from dry hair and skin, brittle and dry teeth and bones and also hair loss.

A balance of healthy diet and daily exercise can help you to gain weight and be healthy. If you are thinking how to gain weight and be healthy then follow the tips.

The key to gain healthy weight is to increase the consumption of healthy calories. Fast foods and junk foods contribute to belly fat which is unhealthy and leads to various health disorders in the long run.

Banana And Milk

Banana and milk are very helpful in giving you healthy calories. Prepare banana shake by blending a banana with a glass of milk and take daily in the morning. It is very effective to gain weight naturally. Or you can simply eat a banana regularly.


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Dry Figs

Saturate 3 to 4 dry figs in 100 ml of water. Leave it over night. Next morning eat the soaked figs and also sip the water. Follow this tip 2 times a day to gain weight.


Taking raisins everyday helps to increase weight naturally. Consume 50 grams of raisins for 25 to 30 days daily.

Indian Ginseng

Take milk in a glass and add three grams of root powder of Indian Ginseng. Take this drink after meals. This a natural way of gaining weight.


Ghee helps to treat underweight problems. Take 2 tablespoon ghee before having meal and also after the meal. Practice this remedy for 25 to 30 days. Eating ghee or including ghee in your diet by spreading it on flat breads (chapattis) or rice helps in weight gaining.

Foods That Helps To Gain Weight

Adding certain foods in diet help increasing calories but still keeps you fit and healthy. The list of such foods is as follows.

Add nuts and cheese to salads. Choosing the salad dressings carefully can serve the purpose of adding more calories to diet. Salad dressing should be made with walnut, olive or canola oil. Include starchy vegetables in your diet such as corn and potatoes more often. While preparing fish add cheese sauces or cream to it.

Also add the same ingredients in chicken breast. Include powdered milk in sauces and soups to add more protein and calories. Peanut butter is a great source of calories and proteins. You can consume peanut butter by spreading it on whole grain bread, celery sticks and apples.

For a healthy weight gain you should stick to healthy desserts. Take a bowl full of berries with a topping made of whipped cream and plenty of chopped nuts added to it. While taking grain bread dip it into walnut, flaxseed oil or olive oil. If you do not prefer meat much then include legumes like kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans as sources of protein. If you love chocolates then go for dark chocolates. Dark chocolates contain antioxidants that are not present in other sweets.

Remember the foods that you select should not only give you more calories but also the required nutrients that your body needs. Make sure to select only those high calorie foods that are healthy and not to indulge in junk foods that are harmful for the body. Junk foods are laden with sugar and fats that may give you the calories needed but they lack in offering you the required nutrients. Eat food both rich in calorie and nutrition to gain healthy weight.

Exercise For Weight Gain

Take part in weight training programs. Men may need to build muscles for which weight training is beneficial. As you will be getting plenty of energy from the high calorie food sources its time you engage yourself in intense workouts.

Reduce doing cardio workouts. Practice cardio vascular exercises depending on metabolism rate. If you feel you are not putting the desired amount of weight limit the cardio amount. Cardio vascular exercises are more beneficial in weight loss. For weight gaining you should do anaerobic exercises without using oxygen because aerobics exercises burn up calories and do not aid in weight gaining.

Simple Weight Gain Tips

Eat high energy and nutritive foods.
Increase the consumption of milk products and milk.
Take plenty of sleep and rest.
Exercise regularly for a healthy body.

How To Gain Weight And Stay Healthy

How To Gain Weight And Stay Healthy

Obesity is a problem worldwide so people would certainly think why anyone would like to gain weight? Individuals who are too thin are actually underweight whic





How To Gain Weight And Stay Healthy
How To Gain Weight And Stay Healthy

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