How to make diets less boring





Control weight or gain muscle mass should not be subject to rigid and repetitive diets. Choosing a versatile diet is essential to keep it in time without falling into temptations. Herbalife Nutrition tips to help beat boredom and make diet something creative and fun

While remaining faithful to the diet is positive to get the expected results, following a set meal plan that includes the same food every week may be boring. When a diet becomes boring, it is easier to fall into the temptation to abandon it.


There are many reasons why people follow rigid or unflex diets. On the one hand, there is the fear that any variation in the food regime can alter the results or hinder progress, whether it is a diet to lose weight or gain muscle mass. In addition, eating the same on a regular basis facilitates the planning of meals and means saving time and effort.

It should be borne in mind that, if a diet is followed to control the weight, the eating habits should be kept constant in the later phase, when the desired weight has already been acquired and simply sought to keep it. To keep it in time, it is important that the chosen diet be motivating, produce enthusiasm, and leave room for flexibility and creativity to overcome boredom.

The global company specializing in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, Herbalife Nutrition, has prepared a series of tips to make diets still interesting, motivating and varied, without altering the results:

- Try new fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables have less calories than protein or grain foods, and have a lot of nutrients. There are also many types of vegetables that can be mixed or replaced. For example, spinach can be easily replaced by curly cabbage or acelains, or strawberries by the ever healthy kiwi.

- Move the order of meals: Diets are designed to distribute food in various meals and snacks throughout the day, partly to help control hunger, but also to help maintain physical and mental energy. But it doesn't mean you can't change the order of things. The plan may require a half-morning snack, but if you do not feel the desire to eat it, you can move to a schedule later in the day. The time when calories are ingested is not as important as the fact that daily totals are not exceeded.

- Add more condiments: Eating should be pleasant. Add herbs, spices, juices and cuts of citrus, garlic, onion or a little wine or vinegar can give an explosion of flavors to the simplest foods. Not forgetting seasonings such as mustard, meat sauce or soy sauce, although in these cases it is important to control the quantities of sodium.

- Renew the recipes: Experimenting a little and using the maximum of creativity, it is possible to make healthy meals more enjoyable and fun. With talent and dedication you can create a collection of healthy recipes to share with friends.

- Find diet-compatible restaurants: Dieting can be really boring if you can never enjoy a meal outside of home. The trick is to find those restaurants that offer a menu that works with the type of diet that follows. Certain cuisines, such as Asian and Mediterranean, for example, tend to offer lean vegetables and proteins that contribute to maintaining a low-fat diet. Many restaurants publish online the number of calories of their dishes, which can be of great help to plan ahead what will be asked on-site.

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How to make diets less boring

How to make diets less boring

Control weight or gain muscle mass should not be subject to rigid and repetitive diets. Choosing a versatile diet is essential to keep it in time without falli





How to make diets less boring
How to make diets less boring

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