How to make the most of the prized Salmon of Norway in a summer ‘Marbacoa’





The Salmon of Norway is perfect for use in barcacoa, thanks to a high fat content that ensures outstanding juiciness, while its stubborn meat allows you to perfectly resist high temperatures, as they stand out from the Norwegian Sea Products Council. Besides, Spaniards love it. More than 21 million rations with Salmon from Norway are consumed every day around the world (1.4 million, only in Spain)

The barbecue season arrives and there is a fresh, healthy and delicious choice around a good MAR-bacoa’ with him Norwegian salmon as a great protagonist. Fish, like vegetables, can be a light and ‘healthy’ option for these days and throughout the summer. Not in vain, salmon is a very healthy fish, to the point that, with a single ration, the necessary amount of Omega 3 is covered.


Most households use salmon in oven or iron and, increasingly, in crude form; for example, in pier, ceviche, sushi or poke. However, the barbecue is an option on the rise. And how can it be done for the fish to remain at its point, not very raw or too dry? In general, for large parts it is better to make cuts that facilitate the homogeneous cooking in all its integrity while small pieces can be used with care that the fire is not too strong or, for example, wrapped in aluminum foil along with vegetables (the popular papillote). The ideal thing is that blue fish like salmon, be pink inside, very juicy. Therefore, you should withdraw from the coals a little before it is “at your point”, as the cook will last some more time after leaving the barbecue.

The prestigious chefs Julio Bienert (more known as Julius) and Hung-Fai, are authentic “Kings of the Marbacoas”, since they treasure a long experience and no one like them knows the properties of fish so well, especially those that come from the frigid and transparent waters of the Arctic, and how to make the most of them cooked to the brazilian.

According to Hung-Fai, the salmon of Norway is ideal to cook it to the coals thanks to the texture of its flesh and the porte of its own musculature of the fish that swim in very cold waters.

“For the Norwegian salmon I recommend four cuts, especially for the Marbacoa: the first, the whole steak leaving the skin. It could also be made in slices, taking advantage of the structure of the spine and keeping the skin equally; the third would be in broochet format, making dice of three by three; and, finally, also in tacos maridados, or in lomos in papillote formats”, he explains Hung-Fai, after praising the versatility of this product, also appreciated for its wide possibilities of cooking in crude, steam, oven, iron....

Meanwhile, the chef Julio Bienert (Julius) provides some more tips to avoid losing and to maximize the Marbacoa Summer: “The best advice to roast salmon is to have the barbecue fire at a medium temperature, not too strong (it should be avoided too much flame) or too low.” Following this premise, the fish will be perfect, and very juicy inside.


“The best thing about salmon is that wonderful fat, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6which makes it very easy to cook Marbacoa, while it is very healthy and of spectacular flavor”, she argues Julius. The chef has fetish recipes that he considers supreme, such as salmon with honey and mustard or tatar sauce. “Or salmon ‘ Hung-Fai’marinated in teriyaki sauce,” he adds. Todo sobre salud dental

However, there are a thousand and a possible recipes to enjoy the best boat (or Mar-bacoa) with the healthy Norwegian fish as the protagonist.

Salmon and Mar-bacoasWinning tandem
Rich in proteins; vitamins A, D, B12 and riboflavin; antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, Norway's salmon is perfect for grilling and braiding thanks to its fatty content, which guarantees outstanding juicy, while its stubborn meat allows you to perfectly resist the high temperatures of the barbecue. Among the most suggestive options, you can take the upper part of the salmon loin to use in tacos and integrate in broochtas and the central part of the loin, whole in the barbecue, with roasted vegetables, since both parts are thick and resistant to fire. The ventresca contains more fat, so you can get tasty presentations with little cooking time, in an iron located at the top of the grill of the barbecue, simply packed with a good olive oil, vinegar or with a thousand and a sauce to give it a spicy, oriental or Mediterranean touch.

Vestatility: In general, it is a very versatile fish that can be enjoyed both in cold and hot dishes. And grilled, it's always a safe bet. It also combines perfectly with flavors and spices from around the world, which has made salmon a star ingredient for the best sushi chefs on the planet.


1.- Norwegian salmon with alga nori and mayonnaise chili sweet (chef Hung Fai)

Ingredients (4 people)

  • 4 loins 120 gr without skin or spines
  • 4 sheets of alga nori
  • 200 gr Japanese mayonnaise
  • 100 gr sweet chili sauce
  • A pinch of salt


-Put the Norwegian salmon loins on the nori algae foil and wrap around covering the whole loin, wrapping it will apply a little water at the end so that the algae foil is well glued.

- In a bowl the two sauces are mixed.

- Cook the loin in the barbecue and cut into 1 cm slices and serve with the sauce and a pinch of salt.

2.- Norwegian salmon in papillote (Julius)

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 480 gr salmon from Norway
  • 1 cebolette
  • Red pepper
  • Trigger asparagus
  • Salsa romesco
  • Aluminum paper
  • Pepper; fine salt and salt in scales and extra virgin olive oil


- Cut the scam and pepper in fine Juliana.

-In a good strip of aluminum foil, put the slice of salmon sprinkled and watered with olive oil and on it the cut vegetables. Engage well by making a package that stays well closed on all sides.

- Cook the triguerous asparagus a few minutes in boiling water with a pinch of salt and reserve

-In the grill with fire about to be extinguished place the papillote on it for at least 7/9 min

-Open the papillote and cut the rations into 4 pieces more or less equal, put some asparagus past by the fire and with some lacquers of salt in guaranty scales with the rhomesco sauce and ready to eat.

On the Norwegian Sea Products Council
The Norwegian Sea Products Council (NSC) is directly dependent on the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and is responsible for publicizing the differential values of national references. The NSC is based in Tromsø and has local offices in 12 of the world's most important Norwegian fish and seafood markets: Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore and USA. In addition to Spain.

How to make the most of the prized Salmon of Norway in a summer ‘Marbacoa’

How to make the most of the prized Salmon of Norway in a summer ‘Marbacoa’

The Salmon of Norway is perfect for use in barcacoa, thanks to a high fat content that ensures outstanding juiciness, while its stubborn meat allows you to per





How to make the most of the prized Salmon of Norway in a summer ‘Marbacoa’
How to make the most of the prized Salmon of Norway in a summer ‘Marbacoa’

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