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How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step

remove foil from permanent nail polish


If you had your manicure done in a UV lamp and want to know how remove permanent nail polish at homeIn this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks.

You will see that it is very simple if you have the right equipment and the patience to wait 15 minutes for the acetone to work. If you are impatient or you don’t have so much time, we recommend that you try the magic remover, with this product you remove your E-mail in 3 minutes.

We made a video tutorial so you can see the step by step. We are going to remove some nails that have been left for 2 weeks, you can see how the birth is noticeable.

Materials you need to remove permanent nail polish at home:

  • lime

  • make-up remover disc

  • Aluminum sheet cut into rectangles

  • Remover from

  • Stainless steel cuticle pusher

1. File off the permanent polish from the surface

With a 100/180 nail file we will file the enamelled surface. It must be filed carefully so as not to reach the natural nail. Some people just file the top coat, I like to file as much as possible to speed up the process and make polish removal easier.

It can be filed until it touches the base, but you have to be very careful not to reach the natural nail, so if you are a beginner, I recommend that you only file the surface. Remember that if you touch the natural nail, you cannot go back and you will cause damage that will take a long time to repair.

2. Soak cotton balls in acetone

Cut a makeup remover disc into 5 fingernail size pieces, make sure they are not bigger or smaller. If they are smaller of course they will not cover the whole nail and it will cause problems to remove the enamel. If they are larger you will have no problems removing the enamel, but it is more likely that irritate your skin about.

3. Wrap in aluminum foil

We will wrap each finger of a hand one by one. The foil should go with the shiny side facing inward.


Personally, I do each hand separately, which slows the process down even more. I do this because I find it very difficult, if not impossible, to do one hand with the other with wrapped fingers. So my advice is to do one, wait 15 minutes and then do the other.

4. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes

I always wait at least 15 minutes so that the acetone penetrates well and the enamel can be removed more easily. The ideal is that you know your usual enamel, since each enamel has its time. Nailista polishes are removed in 15 minutes, but others may take longer. Código P0300: Solución y Causas | Actualizado 2023

5. Remove polish and buff the nail

Finally, we unwrap a finger and use the stainless steel cuticle pusher to remove the softened polish. Go nail by nail so they don’t dry out, i.e. don’t remove the foil until you’re ready to remove the polish from that nail.

Buff the nail with a buffer in case you are not going to repeat the manicure. If you are going to repaint your nails, take the opportunity to leave the nail slightly rough with the file to proceed with the enamel.

Remember that permanent nail polish does not damage the nails, but removing it does hurt, so treat them with care. This is the result, because beiges are strong and healthy. If this video was helpful to you, please like, share or comment so that it continues to create content.

6. Hydrate the nail and cuticles

The last and no less important step for this is to moisturize the nail well (in case you are not going to re-varnish, in which case you will have to do it after varnishing).

A specific cuticle oil, petroleum jelly or moisturizer will suffice to moisturize after the process, which due to the acetone will have dried out your fingers.

Mistakes You Can Make When Removing Permanent Nail Polish

I recently read an article by wikiHow in which each of nail polish remover tips they are wrong. Be very careful with this type of articles. non-professionals with sentences like this:

“Put the acetone in a large bowl filled with lukewarm water to heat it up. Let it heat up for 3 to 5 minutes” “you can soak your nails directly in the bowl of acetone”

should not to warm up never acetone, nor fill a bowl with acetone to soak your nails. Acetone is a chemical that emanates toxic fumes in contact with the air. That’s why he must be in a closed boat. When we soak the cotton in acetone, we cover it with aluminum to prevent it from drying out. evaporate.

remove nail polish

Wait until the nails are almost completely chipped. Gel nails tend to chip after 1-2 weeks, so it’s best to wait until they’re mostly chipped off before you start peeling them. This will reduce damage to the real nail surfaces.

The enamel should never be “unstuck”. Nor is it true that you should chip. If it chipped or “chipped” as they say in the article, it’s because it’s poor quality enamel.

Peel off the enamel damage natural nails. Also, if you plan to remove polish by filing alone, remember that you have to be an expert, otherwise you risk damaging your natural nail.


acetone is flammableso never handle it if you are smoking or near a heat source. Thus, it should not be heated in the microwave or any other container. Do not leave it within the reach of children. If you notice any reaction in your fingers, such as redness and itching, stop the process and see a doctor.

Other Ways to Remove Permanent Nail Polish

I recommend that you read the article 5 ways to remove permanent nail polish at home (also with acetone). It discusses other valid methods for removing permanent enamel that won’t damage your nails.

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. We always answer How to remove permanent nail polish step by step tips and tricks nailists 1

How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step | Tips and tricks — Nailists

1. File off the permanent polish from the surface2. Soak cotton balls in acetone3. Wrap in aluminum foil4. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes5. Remove polish and bu





How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step
How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step


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