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Baby’s playroom is a good area to keep the toddler or baby safe and active. Playroom is a child’s personal space where he/she can play, read, write, do creative arts, relax and have fun. If there is no separate room for your kid, then there are all the chances that your house would be in a mess even if you clean the room multiple times a day.

If you have two kids them the problem becomes graver as both of them need space to play their own favorite games and they may encroach up on each other’s area which may end up in fights that may be resolved only with parental intervention.

A well-arranged playroom arise the interest of the kids and they becomes more creative and responsible. A new playroom that displays the toys well may help the kids to rediscover all their toys which they might have forgotten for months or not have even played.


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  • The first and foremost priority while making a playroom is that it should be safe for the child. Cover all the electrical outlets and keep all the electronic items out of baby’s reach. If there is any low hanging strings from the blinds then tuck them as well also avoid all the decorations which if get in to the child’s mouth could cause choking. Many times kids hurt their fingers in the door and hinges and hence fix safety devices on the hinges and door which may prevent the doors from getting accidently closed because of the strong winds.
  • Fix or tether all the baby furniture like chairs, and tables else the kids may hurt themselves while attempting to climb up on them. Also install separate closets to store their clothes, bags, shoes, toys etc. The furnishings that are chosen for the playroom should have appearance, functionality and above all durability because these furnishings have to bear a lot of wear and tear. Further install certain open storage space where the child can keep his/her toys after playing.
  • Paint the baby room with lead free paints and the wall paints plays an important role in keeping the room attractive and changing the mood of the baby. Different colors produce different effects on the psyche of the baby, red and orange stimulate the baby and makes him overexcited while light green, light blue or all the pastel shades makes a relaxing and calming effect on the kid. The best combination for wall painting of a playroom is to paint all the walls except one in light shade and paint one wall with designs like polka dots, alphabets, geometric shapes, Disney pictures etc with bright colors. This helps to provide all the energy that a baby requires and at the same time helps the baby to calm down.
  • Set the floor of the playroom with floors that require low maintenance because kids play, eat, color and will have lots of activities in the room which may soil the floor or may even damage it. Hence tiles are the best choice for playroom floors rather than wooden flooring. Spreading of carpets on the floor adds an additional burden to you as you have to clean the carpet on every other day to keep it neat and clean. Spread interlocking rubber mats on the floor above the tiles and this helps to protect the baby when she/he falls down. Moreover rubber mats are colorful and easy to crawl on and can also be used as play pieces when the baby grows up.
  • Divide the playroom in to different section for different activities such as playing, drawing, studying, sleeping, dressing-up etc. This provides a clear picture to the child about the different activities that can be carried out in the room. In order to demarcate the areas you can use shelves, storage units or dividers and provide task lighting on all the sections to get enough light.
  • In the study area a portion of the wall can be converted in to black board with blackboard paints and child can have a lot fun by scribbling on the board with chalk. Make a book shelf and arrange all the books in such a manner that the child can choose one from the shelf easily without toppling off of the other books. Try to rotate the books on the display shelf to ensure that your child is getting access to all the books she/he have.
  • Create a dress-up corner in the playroom with a mirror and provide a basket with caps, belts, crowns and a lot more for the kid to dress-up like his/her favorite hero/heroine. This helps them to think creatively and solve the problems. You can see your kid playing a role in front of the mirror after dressing-up similar to the character he is trying to imitate.
  • For exhibiting the kids art work even if it is only some lines or circles make a clothesline that run from one end of the room to the other and hang the artwork with cloth pins. This will encourage the child and make her more creative and productive.
  • Hang baby room decor that display colors and make sound in the playroom as it grabs the attention of the baby and help her in mind development. Sounds and lights always engages the kids more than that of the normal toys but care should be taken to keep them out of reach of the baby.
  • Fill the play area with toys that are appropriate to the age group of the child. Ensure that the toys should not have any removable parts that the baby can take out and put in the mouth. Arrange soft and durable toys on the floor with which the baby can play. Similarly colorful musical toys that have colorful and large buttons that baby can push down easily can also be kept within their reach. The sound and color attracts the baby and they would play with such toys for longer periods.
  • You can also keep a shelf to arrange the sentimental things like the family photo or gift given by somebody. This helps to teach the child how to respect and value the belongings and relations.
  • Check the room thoroughly and identify any articles that the baby can pull out. This would also include table clothes that hangs down up to the reach of the baby. Also check the curtains because there is a chance that the baby or toddler may get tangled inside the long blinds of the curtain. While designing the playroom for your child ensure that you have given top priority to safety aspect even while considering the functionality, appearance and durability of the interior decorations.
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    How To Create A Baby Playroom

    How To Create A Baby Playroom

    Baby’s playroom is a good area to keep the toddler or baby safe and active. Playroom is a child’s personal space where he/she can play, read, write, do cre





    How To Create A Baby Playroom
    How To Create A Baby Playroom

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