Important Symptoms Of Gout




Gout often strikes without any prior warning and results in intense pain and inflammation in the joints. Commonly affecting the big toe, the symptoms of gout can also become prominent in the joints of the ankles, thumbs, elbows, knees or fingers.

The symptoms of gout are dependent on the stage in which the disease appears in the patient. The various symptoms of these stages are discussed below

Symptoms Of Gout

Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia

This stage of gout does not reflect any major symptoms of the concerning skin condition. In this first stage of the disease, the MSU levels start increasing radically and attain progressive levels over a span of 30 years. Most cases of asymptomatic hyperuricemia do not develop into full fledged gouts.


MSU Crystal Formation And Pain

The first symptoms of gout start appearing in this stage of the disease. Patients suffering from Acute Gouty Arthritis, generally complain or petite attacks or short pangs of pain in the joints affected by gout. These painful attacks often increase as the condition worsens. As the concentration of uric acid in the blood reaches higher levels, the MSU crystals start forming under normal body temperatures-striking the fingers and the toes.

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Crushing Feeling

In most cases, the patients also complain of a crushing feeling which is similar to that felt on dislocation of a bone or joint.

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As the symptoms worsen, the patient feels highly burdened with the slightest of physical activity. They may find it difficult to concentrate on day to day activities and feel any weight on the affected region intolerable.

Duration And Occurrence Of Pain

The gout pain takes over 8-10 hours to generate and develop and often occurs in the wee hours of the night. It may be accompanied by a swelling which goes beyond the area of the affected joint.

Pigmentation And Tensing Of Skin

The area around the gout formation tends to become pigmented and discolored. The skin often becomes inflamed, red and starts tensing. This affected skin usually peels away and falls off on its own after a few weeks


Gout is accompanied by sudden chills and a feverish tendency

Loss Of Appetite

Along with a feeling of being unwell, patients suffering from the conditions of gout also complain of a loss in appetite.

Monoarticular Gout

The symptoms of Monoarticular Gout- which occurs in one joint usually reflect themselves in the knee or the ankle. This stage affects the big toe of middle aged adults and is accompanied by inflammation and pain.

Polyarticular Gout

This stage affects multiple joints in the patient’s skeletal system. Affecting the hand, elbows, knee, wrist or ankles, the pain comes in spurts and after longer duration  The gout pain starts slowly in this stage of the disease and is accompanied by a loss in appetite and fever.

Patients also complain of a general feeling of being unwell. If the attack of gout is left untreated then it starts peaking within 24-48 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms. The attack may last from a few hours to over several weeks.Gout can lead to various symptoms and concerning conditions and should be given prompt and careful attention.

Important Symptoms Of Gout

Important Symptoms Of Gout

Gout often strikes without any prior warning and results in intense pain and inflammation in the joints. Commonly affecting the big toe, the symptoms of gout c





Important Symptoms Of Gout
Important Symptoms Of Gout

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