Isabel Jimenez “tests” Hero Baby in the launch of her new puppies





The TV presenter is the new ambassador of the latest campaign of the leading child feeding company. The new recipes of the Hero Baby jars are ‘just what you see’, 100% natural, without any additions, preservatives or colorants

Hero Baby launches her new campaign ‘Just what you see’, by the hand of journalist Isabel Jiménez. This campaign starts with the launch of its new jars. To make known the high quality standards that follow Hero Baby's products, as well as its processing processes, and the origin of its raw materials, Isabel Jiménez has been the visible face of a documentary that can be seen on the official website of Hero Baby.


The presenter has checked the process of elaboration from the origin accompanying numerous members of the brand team for two days at their headquarters in Murcia, to know firsthand all the work behind each product, from the origin until the jar is closed. Through different interviews, Isabel has “tested” Hero Baby in all its phases: from the collection of her raw materials in the Murcia garden, to the nutritional design of each of her jars and the numerous quality controls that pass in her Institute of Child Nutrition.

“It is not easy for a company to open the doors of “your home” so that someone observes, investigates, asks and counts the result. Hero Baby did it with me and I was in love with a brand that has very clear that all his work and his effort is for the feeding of the smallest. Reto overcome. May you be surprised too,” says the TV presenter.

Hero Baby has had Isabel Jiménez for this project due to his closeness and professionalism, as well as being a mother for the first time six months ago. “As a journalist on the one hand, and on the other as a mother interested in the health and nutrition of her baby, Isabel wanted to be part of this challenge, and to accompany us to discover the entresijos of our brand. From Hero Baby we want to show that our products are ‘Only what you see’ and make consumers aware of all the work and research that is behind each of the jars.”

New Hero Baby Tricks
They are made only with 100% natural ingredients that meet Baby Quality Seal. Hero Baby's new jars do not contain added: without starch, without palm oil, without preservatives or dyes, neither sugars and added salts. They are made only with the ingredients that the label presents, cooked softly and closed to the vacuum. ‘Just what you see’

There are a wide range of delicious recipes of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They are the most comfortable way to feed them anywhere and moment of the day, achieving a result as natural as homemade pures and always guaranteeing Baby Quality. Just open the jar and heat up! Comprar Pintura

Quality Baby: Controlled Ingredients from Origin
“We work our products under a set of rules that allow us to control each stage of their production. This series of rules and parameters are part of a strict protocol to which we call Baby Quality which is based on 4 pillars: certified origin, perfect balance, all under control and natural conservation,” they add.

Hero uses specially selected and cultivated ingredients only for use in child feeding that you could not find in your usual store. All ingredients are controlled from the origin and during all phases: planting, irrigation, harvesting, transport, production and conservation.

All Hero Baby products strictly follow the highest legal requirements for child feeding, as well as the recommendations of pediatric nutrition experts. Hero Baby continues to be committed to the production of foods that meet the highest standards of quality, going even beyond the provisions of the law itself: Baby Quality. For this reason, Hero guarantees his commitment to making ‘Just what you see’: a list of simple and clean ingredients, with natural and healthy foods.

Made at home, without preservatives or dyes
The preparation mode of the jars is as simple as you would at home, traditionally. The ingredients are washed well, which are of the highest quality of the orchard. Then they are gently cooked, respecting cooking times to perfectly preserve all their properties. Finally, everything is crushed.

All of this, without adding preservatives or dyes. After the preparation of the recipe, each jar is closed to the void by a steam stroke and subjected to a heat treatment similar to the Maria bath of all life, ensuring its food security throughout its useful life. Therefore, by opening a Hero Baby jar, you will hear the POP which is the characteristic sign that it is preserved in a correct and 100% natural way.

Hero Baby's new jars are available in all the usual power stores as well as in the online shop Hero.

About Hero
Hero Group is an international food company founded in 1886 in Switzerland that is present in more than 30 countries and exports its products to the 5 continents. Hero Spain was founded in 1922 in Alcantarilla, Murcia, where it maintains its headquarters today. With more than 90 years of history, Hero Spain is a leader in child feeding and confections, and has a wide range of cereal, juice and preservative bars, among others. Under the mission of delighting its consumers by preserving the good of nature, Hero Spain is committed to naturality in its products, maintaining a strong nutritional commitment and constantly improving thanks to its commitment to innovation and research to adapt to the needs of consumers and new market trends. For more information visit:

Isabel Jimenez “tests” Hero Baby in the launch of her new puppies

Isabel Jimenez “tests” Hero Baby in the launch of her new puppies

The TV presenter is the new ambassador of the latest campaign of the leading child feeding company. The new recipes of the Hero Baby jars are ‘just what you





Isabel Jimenez “tests” Hero Baby in the launch of her new puppies
Isabel Jimenez “tests” Hero Baby in the launch of her new puppies

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