Isodieta, low success diet in hydrates





A very poor diet in carbohydrates and rich in proteins and fats helps combat obesity and degenerative diseases, according to Dr. Jaime Brugos

Modern Western societies suffer from numerous overweight and obesity-related disorders and diseases that appear to be produced by an incorrect diet that, although for many years being recommended by almost all nutrition experts, is actually based on large and serious mistakes also defended by those same experts. Among these flaws is the fact that it does not give proteins and fats the importance they have as essential nutrients of the organism and the permissivity with carbohydrates that have historically been qualified as nutrients, but that they should have been better qualified as “fuel”, since what only provides energy in Spanish is not called “nutrient” but “fuel”. As in the case of sugar, it is only empty calories, since they contain nothing that can be considered beneficial to the body.


It is important to remember that until 1953 it was considered that there were four macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrate fats and alcohols. It was in that damage when it was correctly decided to remove alcohols from the nutrient basket because they only provide seven empty calories per gram. The serious mistake that was made at that time was not to have also taken out carbohydrates, which only provide four empty calories per gram.

In this context arises Isodieta o Isolipoproteic diet, product of a nutrition research by Dr. Jaime Brugos for more than 40 years. Isodieta is a diet that favors the optimal regeneration of all cells and the revitalization of organs and muscles.

In this way, although at first it does not arise as a slimming diet, weight loss is one of its most noticeable effects, in addition to the fight against aging thanks to the constant and perfect cellular regeneration it provides. Isodieta is suitable for all ages, even for people in special situations, such as pregnant, celiac, etc.

Why proteins and fats are beneficial
Dr. Brugos highlights in his book ‘Isodieta’ that one of the most serious mistakes in nutrition has been the attack that the fats have suffered for decades. They have been blamed for the increase in cases of overweight and cardiovascular disease, when it is actually one of the nutrients essential for the regeneration of the organism, as basic and essential as proteins because both (proteins and fats) are the chemical components of all cells.

Proteins and fats are essential macronutrients, whose fundamental mission is the regeneration of cells and the formation of essential elements, such as the uppers or the immune system. Fats, on the other hand, in addition to intervening in all bodily functions, are fundamental to the assimilation of all liposoluble vitamins and the production of hormones. For example, of sexual hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and gestagens that so much influence birth. On the contrary, carbohydrates and alcohols only provide calories ‘empties’, since they do not contain nitrogen, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals or anything that can be considered beneficial to health. Recetas para Cookeo

What is megarexia
Concerned about the increase in obesity in countries such as the United States, Dr. Bruges defined as megarexia the disorder that prevents obese people to appreciate their obesity. It is a disorder similar to anorexia, but inversely and, as it affects the brain, it also causes a multitude of psychological problems to people who suffer it.

Currently, 85% of obese people suffer from megarexia, according to a study by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). However, experts believe that megarexia is a reversible disorder with adequate food, psychological care and the support of the environment of those who suffer from it.

Foods allowed by Isodieta
Due to its characteristics, the Isodieta is perfect to help slime and, by extension, to combat megarexia. Since not all people are equal or all organisms have the same needs, the book Isodieta teaches the reader to know their actual nutrient needs and to qualify according to those needs, but the ideal thing is to contact Isodieta through its website for a tailor-made isolipoproteic diet.

There are recommended foods and forbidden foods for those who decide to adopt Isodieta as a way of life. Meat, fish and eggs are some of the main sources of proteins, while bread, rice or pasta are uneasy by the amount of carbohydrates they contain.

Doubts may arise with vegetables and fruits, since not all have the same proportion of hydrates and there are some, such as bananas, pineapple (as usual in other types of diet) and, of course, potatoes, which is preferable to exclude from the diet.

With these indications, you can deduce that preparing the daily menus is not so complicated if you follow simple guidelines and that all dishes suitable for the Isodieta are also an excellent source of nutrients for all family members.

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Isodieta, low success diet in hydrates

Isodieta, low success diet in hydrates

A very poor diet in carbohydrates and rich in proteins and fats helps combat obesity and degenerative diseases, according to Dr. Jaime Brugos /COMUNICAE/





Isodieta, low success diet in hydrates
Isodieta, low success diet in hydrates

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